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On April 12th, Friends of Douglas Greene and Homage Brooklyn joined together to ...
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SHUT AM Jason Klotz's Part from a brand that never took off called SIICK so ...
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Welcome back to part two of my Brazilian Hip Hop series. If you missed Part one ...
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Category ‚artist collaboration‘

Altamont x Agenda

Rad Collector - Altamont x Agenda
Altamont is going to be at Agenda in Huntington Beach this week to show off all of their new artist collaborations for Spring 2010. You know they don’t play -they’ve got Ralph Steadman, Invisible:Man, Tim Kerr, Neckface, and No Age. Come back Wednesday for some looks at the collection.

Nike 6.0 Stinkween Video

We showed you the ill Madsteez x Stink Nike 6.0 Stinkween Braata last week, now check out how this creation came to life in this video featuring both Mark Madsteez and Evan “Stink” Rossel and their collabed character creation “StinkWeen” which is itself “a fusion of Madsteez’s scrappy cartoon self-portrait “Weeneze” and a mischievous alter-ego doodle by Stink.” After you peep the vid, head over to Stinkween.com and enter your own Stinkween-inspired character to win a hand-painted portrait of yourself done by Madsteez himself. In a complete takeover, Madsteez will also be down in Huntington Beach, California this week painting three murals at Jack’s Surfboards just in time for both the US Open of Surfing and the shoe release on July 24 at both Jacks and the Motel NoTell.

Nike 6.0 | Stinkween Braata

07 July 2009, 14.11 | Posted in Shoes, Skateboarding, artist collaboration, surfing | 6 comments »

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Stinkween Braata
Nike 6.0 has another rad limited edition kick coming down the pipe. This time it’s their new Braata model hooked up by the artist Mark Paul Deren (a.k.a. Madsteez) and his protege Evan “Stink” Rossell. Done up in an electric green, purple, yellow, and black with glow in the dark laces and a clear sole laid over custom artwork by Madsteez and Stink, the Stinkween Braata will hit in super limited quantities right in time of the US Open of Surfing. These joints will get you noticed. Jack’s Surfboards has just put them up for pre-order here. More images after the jump.

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Mike Giles contributor Deck

Rad Collector - Mike Giles contributor Deck
Mike Giles has just posted an image of his new deck for the contributor organization we mentioned a couple days ago as part of the Mumble x Furni collab. If you don’t know about contributor, it’s a program to provide skateboards to any kid in Canada that cannot afford one. Although you might not associate Canada with poverty, there are evidently some people outside of the country’s generous social welfare system who need some help. In any case, skateboards for kids is a worthwhile cause anywhere in the world. For the project Giles re-interpreted his first pro deck, the Jeff Grosso Santa Cruz. Check out the original reference after the jump.

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KCDC x Neckface x Vans Chukka Lows | Final Pairs

24 June 2009, 17.31 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, artist collaboration, shops | 2 comments »

Rad Collector - KCDC x Neckface x Vans Chukka Lows
Like the opening of Al Capone’s vaults, but this time with something of value actually inside of them, KCDC has just put the last few remaining pairs of their Chukka Low collab with Vans and Neckface out for sale. You better go hard to Brooklyn if you want to get a pair of these.

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Nike 6.0 x Jimbo Phillips + Pier Pressure

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 x Jimbo Phillips + Pier Pressure
In addition to the Motel No Tell poppin off down in San Clemente, Nike 6.0 has also teamed up with Jack’s Surfboards to present the Pier Pressure surf comp in Huntington Beach from June 28th to the 29th. Taking it up another notch, they linked with Jimbo Phillips, son of the legendary Jim Phillips, to produce the event artwork and 24 pairs of hand painted Nike 6.0 Cush’s. Five pairs will be sold through the Jack’s online store, twelve will be sold at the Motel No Tell, and the other seven will be promo’d to a handful of the raddest influencers on the planet. To keep up on all the madness going on at the Motel No Tell go here. To keep an eye on those five pairs dropping at Jack’s go here. And for some more pics, yep, they’re here too, right after the jump.

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RAW x Matt Tanner

Rad Collector - RAW x Matt Tanner
Continuing their dedication to keeping things both pure and progressive at the same time, Ready Amongst Willing is releasing a collaborative series of decks, hats and tees today with artist and skateboarder Matt Tanner. Also an avid motorcycle builder, Tanner’s collection launched this past weekend at Assemble & Conquer with an exhibition that included original artwork as well as custom bikes. You can check out a full photo recap at 1152 Broadway. Go here for exclusive online availability. More looks at this great collection after the jump.

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Ambiguous | 4A Fall Releases

Rad Collector - Ambiguous 4A Fall Releases
We recently brought you the news about Ambiguous’ relaunch and their “4A” artist series tees. Now we bring you the next collabos in the Ambiguous Addicted Artist Association collection. Collaborators for Fall 2009 include Steven Burke and the president of Ambiguous, David Patri. More looks after the jump.

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Colette x Darcel

14 May 2009, 16.06 | Posted in Skateboarding, artist collaboration, decks | No comments »

Rad Collector - Colette x Darcel
NYC based artist Darcel, who also has an awesome illustrated blog, has just released a skate deck with Colette. Entitled “Skate No, Yes,” the deck is a clear invocation of the inherent wackness of fruit-booting aka rollerblading. Thank you Darcel, this is one of the years best deck graphics for sure. Buy it here. A couple more looks after the jump.

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Fat Punk x Julie West

30 April 2009, 21.58 | Posted in Skateboarding, artist collaboration, decks | No comments »

Rad Collector - Fat Punk x Julie West
London’s Fat Punk Studios has faced off against American born, UK-based artist Julie West for a deck. Julie has done work for Flow Snowboards, Weezer, and Jansport as well as her own fine art. The Fat Punk crew has recently worked with Ride Snowboards and iZLi Ultimate Fighting. Go here for international shipping info.