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Category ‚bmx‘

Strasbourg Mixtape 2

25 May 2009, 18.38 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Strasbourg, France, in addition to being famous for being the home of the Council of Europe, Eurocorps, European Parliament and the European Ombudsman of the European Union, also has a rad skate and BMX park. What those other institutions don’t have is a sick new mixtape starring Jacques Perry, Joris Coulomb, Harold Ricque P, Lucas Abtey and Mathieu Roubaud. Via FatBMX.


Mike Hoder Edit

23 May 2009, 23.56 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Lotek is bringing nothing but fire right now. Peep the steez on Mike Hoder bangin on fools with the Caddy, what? Via Olivier Rosset.

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Lotek x Shadow Conspiracy | Chase V.2

22 May 2009, 16.45 | Posted in Pro Models, Sneakers, bmx, collabs | No comments »

Rad Collector - Lotek x Shadow Conspiracy
This just in – an early look at the super secret new Lotek x Shadow Conspiracy shoe, the Chase V.2. With a new sole and what looks like a slightly slimmer profile, the Chase V.2 is the follow up to this Spring’s vulc sole Chase Dehart signature Lotek x Shadow model. Stay on the lookout for more photos soon, the Chase V.2 drops for early Fall.

Rob Wise Skullcandy Ad

20 May 2009, 21.07 | Posted in bmx, headphones, videos | 1 comment »

Skullcandy has just dropped this new ad featuring Rob Wise for their Asym ear bud headphones that are made specifically to be compatible with helmets. Both Rob and the headphones look smooth. Via Volume.

Hoffman Bikes | Brad Simms Bike Check

20 May 2009, 20.47 | Posted in Bikes, bmx, videos | No comments »
Hoffman Bikes team rider Brad Simms recently did a dope video bike check of his pro model B-Rad 20.875″. Check him out as he goes through all his components in detail before taking his rig out to shred the LBC. This kid is nice. Via VitalBMX.

Dan Lacey Edit

18 May 2009, 17.47 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »
Lotek, New Era and Seventies have joined forces on a nice new edit from UK ripper Dan Lacey. D Lace definitely brings the heat to the British Isles, it’s crazy how the scenery is always so proper over there. Rad.

James Newrick S&M Edit

13 May 2009, 23.48 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »
In what has to be one of James Woods’ most interesting, and probably best cameos, S&M has put out a psycho edit of Briton James Newrick getting nasty following a murderous montage of bloodbaths. You’re gonna like this one. Via TheComeup.

Famous x Rogue Status x Wild Ones x Overload Jumpoff

13 May 2009, 23.28 | Posted in Art, Events, Skate Parks, Skateboarding, bmx | No comments »

Overload Skate Shop Demo and Contest

This Saturday, May 16th, Famous, Rogue Status, Wild Ones, and Overload are ganging up at the Chula Vista Skatepark for what looks like is gonna be one of the illest blast offs for the summer. Skate, BMX, live painting, motorcycles, Gumball 3000 whips, and general rowdiness will be the order of the day. Listen as Rick Thorne breaks it down. Full details after the jump. Via Overload.

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Harry Main Horsham Edit

11 May 2009, 17.15 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »
Here’s a dope new edit of Prince Harry Main and his crew holding court at the park in Horsham, UK and ripping it up nicely to The Editor’s “Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors.” The only question is: how come they can’t get the rollerbladers out of the frame? Via RideBMX.

Shadow Conspiracy | “Into the Void” Hand Drawn Ads

08 May 2009, 18.10 | Posted in advertising, bmx, videos | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Shadow Conspiracy "Into the Void" Hand Drawn Ads
The Shadow Conspiracy has done something pretty dope with their most recent ad campaign. They have released a series of hand drawn ads for their latest video “Into the Void” that depict scenes from the flick drawn into ill afterlife scenarios. So far they’ve released ads with Seth Kimbrough, Alistair Whitton, and Ryan Sher and will be releasing new ones every month. Go here to check them all out. Peep the original Seth Kimbrough frame after the jump.

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