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Pulp68 Ken Block Edit

08 October 2010, 10.46 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Everybody has Gymkhana fever, even JMZ of Pulp68, who usually doesn’t get excited about anything other than pure shredding. Check out his first person experience with Ken Block on his European tour.

Gymkhana THREE | Ken Block Interview

15 September 2010, 13.32 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Gymkhana 3, part two is here. The idea was to transform l’autodrome, France into the Ultimate Playground. The video speaks for itself and when you’re done watching read the interview we did with Ken Block after the jump.

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Morgan Wade in “Daisy”

03 September 2010, 17.39 | Posted in bmx, cars, videos | 1 comment »

Here is a strange yet dope edit featuring Morgan Wade entitled “Daisy.” Although there isn’t any riding in this video, the Texas Camaro and girl with gun shots more than make up for it. Via VitalBMX.


Gymkhana 3 x The Cool Kids

24 August 2010, 16.51 | Posted in Music, advertising, cars, videos | 1 comment »

The latest installment of Ken Block’s internet sensation Gymkhana series dropped today with the first of a two part delivery. Gymkhana Three:The Music Video Infomercial features Block whipping donuts around The Cool Kids, who wrote an entire song for the ad, and plenty of DC product placement. The actual driving video drops next.

Gymkhana 3 Coming Next Week

19 August 2010, 20.19 | Posted in cars | 3 comments »

a gym 540x417 Gymkhana 3 Coming Next Week
For reasons not entirely clear, DC honcho Ken Block has made himself into an international internet phenomenon with Gymkhana, the sport he invented and is the sole practitioner of. That’s cool with us though, it is pretty rad to watch him whip the shit out of a compact car as some big budget camerawork makes it look even gnarlier. What we’re not sure of is the message being sent with these “Obama Can’t Gymkhana” stickers that are being circulated at redneck speed freak events. Gymkhana 3 drops next Tuesday.

Gymkhana THREE Contest

02 June 2010, 11.41 | Posted in cars, contests, videos | No comments »

DC and Ken Block are giving one lucky fan the chance to visit the filming for the highly anticipated Gymkhana THREE and take a ride with Ken in the new Ford Fiesta 2011. Peep the video of ken explaining the contest and to enter go here.

Ken Block x Ford Fiesta | Gymkhana 3 Launch Event

26 April 2010, 15.42 | Posted in cars | No comments »

IMG 6455 Ken Block x Ford Fiesta | Gymkhana 3 Launch Event
Last week Ford invited us to San Francisco to view Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta Gymkhana 3 car and to test drive the Ford Fiesta. The event started with a 100 mile rally through wine country’s winding roads, during which we pushed the hell out of the Fiesta and it passed the test. Next was the reveal party sponsored by Ford, DC Shoes, and Monster, where Ken Block unveiled his new ride. The car looks official and even though we didn’t get to take a spin with Ken, our boy “Playboy Ricky Dorigo” aka Renee Renee shared his ride-along story and taught us about American steel. We have to say, we were a bit surprised when Block made the move from Suburu to Ford but Ford Fiesta definitely passes the rad test. Check out Brad Clarke’s pics of the event after the jump.

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Gymkhana 3 Is Coming

21 April 2010, 11.32 | Posted in cars | No comments »

Gymkhana THREE Fiesta Gymkhana 3 Is Coming
Ken Block has just made it official, he’s gonna do another Gymkhana, this time in his new Ford Fiesta. Our Brad Clarke is in California as we speak test driving the new whip with Block, so we’ll have a report on how that thing rolls later this week.

Gumball 3000 Movie Trailer

24 March 2010, 15.53 | Posted in cars, races, videos | No comments »

In more car action, peep this trailer for the Gumball 3000 movie that is dropping on iTunes on April 26th. If you don’t know, Gumball 3000 is a coast to coast race ala Cannonball Run with a crazy mix of billionaire sheiks, rappers and adrenaline punks doing anything goes across the country until the cops show up. The next stage of the Gumball starts in London on May 1st before zig zagging across europe, then jetting to Boston, dipping through Montreal and Toronto and finishing up in NYC. Peep the route right here and keep an eye out for Frank151’s Gumball 3000 issue dropping soon.


Ken Block WRC Rally Mexico Video

24 March 2010, 13.52 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Ken Block’s reinvention as a rally car racer seems to be going in the right direction. Even though he didn’t place at the Rally Guanajuato Bicentenario Mexico, he also wasn’t dead last. Definitely not bad for the only American on the race, Ford has got to be stoked.

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