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Gymkhana 3 Is Coming

21 April 2010, 11.32 | Posted in cars | No comments »

Ken Block has just made it official, he’s gonna do another Gymkhana, this time in his new Ford Fiesta. Our Brad Clarke is in California as we speak test driving the new whip with Block, so we’ll have a report on how that thing rolls later this week.

Gumball 3000 Movie Trailer

24 March 2010, 15.53 | Posted in cars, races, videos | No comments »

In more car action, peep this trailer for the Gumball 3000 movie that is dropping on iTunes on April 26th. If you don’t know, Gumball 3000 is a coast to coast race ala Cannonball Run with a crazy mix of billionaire sheiks, rappers and adrenaline punks doing anything goes across the country until the cops show up. The next stage of the Gumball starts in London on May 1st before zig zagging across europe, then jetting to Boston, dipping through Montreal and Toronto and finishing up in NYC. Peep the route right here and keep an eye out for Frank151’s Gumball 3000 issue dropping soon.


Ken Block WRC Rally Mexico Video

24 March 2010, 13.52 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Ken Block’s reinvention as a rally car racer seems to be going in the right direction. Even though he didn’t place at the Rally Guanajuato Bicentenario Mexico, he also wasn’t dead last. Definitely not bad for the only American on the race, Ford has got to be stoked.

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Ken Block Greystoke Forest Edit

02 March 2010, 15.56 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Ken Block has so much going on it’s hard to keep track. Here he is test driving his new Ford Focus in the forests of England to prepare for a race in Mexico. We’re not sure how that all makes sense but its fun to watch him beat the hell out of the car, that’s for sure.

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Ken Block x Ford | 2010 Fiesta

27 January 2010, 11.47 | Posted in cars | No comments »

Yep, it’s true, Ken Block has a new whip. Behold the Monster Energy World Rally Team 2010 Ford Fiesta that Mr Block will no doubt be hucking and jiving all over the interwebz for the next year. Say what you want about Ford, the shit is pretty rad. Some still shots after the jump.

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Ken Block x Ford x Angry Hitler

24 January 2010, 14.56 | Posted in cars, comedy, team | 2 comments »

So yes it’s true, Ken Block has left longtime car sponsor Suburu for the deeper pockets and further ranging vehicle classes of Ford. We know these Hitler vids are a dime a dozen these days, but this one is hella funny for real. Keep an eye out for Ken’s new Focus coming soon.

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Volkswagen Golf GTI x Rad Collector x Agenda

15 January 2010, 21.03 | Posted in cars, lifestyle, Skateboarding, tradeshows | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Volkswagen Golf GTI x Agenda
Concluding our coverage of Agenda, Volkswagen gave Rad Collector an exclusive opportunity to push a 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI from LA to Huntington Beach. A whip in it’s own class, between the turbo charged intercooler engine and the dual GPS displays, the GTI proved to be the perfect accoutrement to the show. Peep our on-the-spot shoot featuring Luis Tolentino along with Shut, Famous, Diamond, Mighty Healthy, Good Wood, DVS, and CtotheJL after the jump. Photography by Chris Lee.

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Travis Pastrana NYE Jump

05 January 2010, 10.58 | Posted in cars, craze | No comments »

In case you missed Travis Pastrana’s record breaking huck on New Year’s Eve, here it is in all it’s HD glory. Not only did the dude not die, he beat the old record by over 100 feet. The bar is now set at 269 feet – its going to take a real lunatic to top that.

Travis Pastrana Interview | New Year No Limits

09 December 2009, 12.50 | Posted in cars, craze, interviews | No comments »

There’s one thing about Red Bull, they always go big. No how many times you see the commercial for Robbie Maddison’s ridiculously huge jump in Vegas last year you can’t help but bug out a little. This New Year’s, Motocross maniac slash MTV star Travis Pastrana is gonna try to take it up a notch by jumping a car off a pier onto a floating target to complete the world’s farthest jump in a rally car. Take that Ken Block. We caught up with Travis at the DC store in New York to hear a little bit about why the hell he signed up for New Year No Limits.

DC Gymkhana 2.1 | Block vs Dyrdek

04 September 2009, 10.24 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Someone must really love this Gymkhana thing, cause it keeps going longer than the energy bunny. Next up is version 2.1. This one is pretty funny though, with Rob Dyrdek getting in on the action in his exact replica mini-Gymkhana whip and further proving that he gets paid purely to have fun. You can’t hate on that though. If you still need more, hit up DC for some behind the scenes love.