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Kingdom x In4mation x Zenk One

03 March 2010, 13.39 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, openings, shops, Skateboarding | 3 comments »

Dutch artist Zenk One has linked up with In4mation to present his solo show “An Artist Collection” at Kingdom Skateshop in Tilburg, Netherlands. The show, which kicks off this Friday March 5, features portraits of influential characters of our times from Keenan Milton to the RZA. For the opening, In4mation printed limited edition shirts featuring Zenk’s Slick Rick portrait, which may remind you of the Manik x Craig Wetherby deck from a couple years ago. If you are in Holland, you can peep the exhibit until April 2. More looks and full info after the jump.

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Fotoweek at Fight Club

10 November 2009, 13.15 | Posted in exhibitions, photography, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Fotoweek at Fight Club
Fotoweek went down in Washington DC last week and included an exhibition at the Fight Club bowl. SkateDaily‘s Derek Rinaldi hooked us up with this recap.

As a non-profit organization, Fotoweek DC was created in 2008 to highlight the power of photography and their first annual event drew about 20,000 people throughout various venues in Washington DC. This year, galleries from the Smithsonian to the more cutting edge galleries along 14th Street anticipated another successful turnout. One exhibition took place off the traditional art trail on Saturday November 7th, at Fight Club. Known as much for its basement bowl sessions and holiday parties as its live music and art exhibits, Fight Club hosted an evening of photography curated by Magnum Photographer and Burn Magazine curator David Alan Harvey. Harvey displayed some selections from his 35-year history with National Geographic and 16 years at Magnum. Other exhibits included Chris Bickford’s “After the Storm”, a black-and-white tone poem on the nature and culture of surf on a remote barrier island in the Atlantic Ocean; Michael Loyd Young’s “Blues, Booze, and Barbecue”, a collection of photographs taken along the famous Highway 61, at juke joints, in private homes, and on the streets, illustrating the bond blues creates between the Delta and its people; A.J. Wilhelm’s “Kabul Opium”, a documentary piece on heroin addicts suffering from the fallout of the opium trade and border relations between Iran and Afghanistan; and many selections from the best of this year’s BURN magazine photography essays and singles.

More photos by Jay Henry after the jump.

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Jeremy Wray | A Life of Creation

20 October 2009, 17.56 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Jeremy Wray A Life of Creation
Inexplicably, pro skater and ill artiste, Jeremy Wray, has never had his own art show. Apparently he’s got so many paitings, sculptures, and photos that throwing a show was the only way to avoid town officials from lodging a formal complaint against Wray for “maintaining a personal museum.” California is crazy isn’t it? Weed’s cool but art at home’s a no no. Just kidding about that actually. The show opens this Friday in Huntington Beach. Full info after the jump.

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elebea Flag Dub Deck

13 October 2009, 15.28 | Posted in Art, decks, exhibitions, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - elebea Flag Dub Deck
Argentinian design collective elebea have a created a new skate deck called the Flag Dub to be shown as part of the De Aca Art Exposition in Cordoba, Argentina. The show features Argentina’s most progressive artists in fields ranging from graffiti to A/V to photography and is set to go down this weekend. Via Club Mumble.

Multigrab 2009

07 October 2009, 22.45 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, films, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Multigrab 2009
Mix one the the world’s most skateable and graf loving cities and what do you get? Multigrab opens in Rio tomorrow featuring 38 of the city’s best graffiti artists flipping their work on skate decks. Artists like Wilbor, Acme, Mottila, Mente, Rafo, Vagner Donasc, and Preas will have decks on display along with DJ’s, a mini ramp session and a showing of the sick carioca skate documentary Sangue e Suor. Full info after the jump.

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Comune Karlson Tea Party

30 September 2009, 23.45 | Posted in Events, exhibitions, motorcycles, photography | No comments »

Rad Collector - Comune Karlson Tea Party
Ambiguous founder Frank Delgadillo’s new company, Comune threw a rad event over the weekend at their compound in Costa Mesa. The Karlson Tea Party, as it was called, was a triple threat: Adam Wright photo exhibition, motorcycle show, and Pabst Blue Ribbon pound-a-thon. Bikes by builders like Shinya Kimura, Brandon “Brawny” Holstein, Trevelen of SuperCo, Chopper Dave, JoMO Racing and Lossa Engineering were on display along with over 100 bikes ridden to the party by SoCal bike heads. They even had one of Brad Pitt’s bikes – the sick Ducati above. Check some more bike and party flicks after the jump.

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Nixon Art Mosh NYC

15 September 2009, 12.31 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, lifestyle | No comments »

Rad Collector - Nixon Art Mosh NYC
Nixon is throwing a family and friends art event in NYC on September 22. Art Mosh, as it’s being called, will almost certainly be less violent than the name suggests but should nevertheless feature some controlled chaos from the likes of Grant Ellis, Mike Carter, Craig Wetherby, Angela Boatwright, Ellen Stagg, Urban Junior, Rob Machado, Marlena Detrich, Dustin Ortiz, Keith Malloy, and many more. There will also be live music from the super fly jazz duo The Mattson Two. Full info after the jump.

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Mickey Welsh at ArtHop

10 September 2009, 20.59 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, lifestyle | No comments »

Rad Collector - Mickey Welsh at ArtHop
Former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh has spent his post rock n roll years becoming one of the illest artists in Vermont. He did last year’s Farm series for Burton and has also done skatedecks and other works relevent to the action sports lifestyle. Starting this Friday September 11, Montanaro Contemporary Arts is presenting Mikey’s show at Frontside Foundation in Burlington as part of ArtHop, one of the states biggest art events. If you are in VT, definitely go through, Mikey is a rad dude. Full info after the jump.

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Elzo Durt x Carhartt | Amen

07 September 2009, 14.01 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Elzo Durt x Carhartt Amen
Carhartt has joined together with Belgian artist Elzo Durt, who also did this summer’s Yama x Carhartt Mental Weirdo Asylum decks, for an exhibition of his work at Carhartt stores across Europe. Starting this weekend Amen will hit Carhartt in Frankfurt, Paris, London, Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Marseille. Full show info after the jump. Via Monster Skate.

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Nike 6.0 Motel NoTell x Roy Gonzalez

03 September 2009, 18.53 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, hotels, lifestyle | No comments »

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Motel NoTell x Roy Gonzalez
Next up at the Nike Motel NoTell in San Clemente comes The Rock and Roll, Soul Surfin’, Hot Rod, Horror Art Show with action sports design vet Roy Gonzalez. A retrospective of thirty years of his off the hook work and a performance by Johnny Monster and the Nightmares is set to pop off this Saturday, September 5. Considering the last few jumpoffs at the Motel, expect this one to fuck shit up as well. Full info after the jump.

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