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dose | Harlem Bike Life

03 September 2014, 10.54 | Posted in motocross, motorcycles | No comments »

In this week’s dose, Timbo takes it uptown to meet Benmore aka Benadon, the king of Harlem’s Bike Life. From his start in bmx to his current status as uptown’s most prolific dirtbike rider Benmore has the dual burden of leading the charge for urban moto’s legitimacy while dodging an NYPD who have tried multiple times to take him down. Watch and learn what it takes to grow a grassroots movement when everyone is against you. Hmmm sounds just like skateboarding doesn’t it?

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Greyp G12 Bike x Motorcycle

05 September 2013, 13.23 | Posted in Bikes, craze, motorcycles | 2 comments »

Ok we have to admit that we found this on Worldstar, the name is craze, and the kooky Eastern Euro commercial doesn’t reflect well on it either, but damn this half bike half motorcycle thing looks fun as hell. Hopefully somebody will send us one! A look at the Greyp G12 after the jump.

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Brawny Built | Born Free 5

17 June 2013, 19.24 | Posted in motorcycles | 1 comment »

Here’s a dope lil min doc focussing on SoCal motorcycle builder Brandon Holstein and his company Brawny Built as he builds a custom bike for the June 29th chopper and classic cycle show, “Born Free.”

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Trey Canard “REvival 41” Trailer

17 December 2012, 15.49 | Posted in films, motocross, motorcycles | 1 comment »

Radcollector columnist and long time collaborator Jason Bergh has just completed his latest work, “REvival 41.” The story of Trey Canard’s remarkable comeback after one of the gnarliest injuries in SuperCross, the film is sure to be as heart wrenching as it is rad. “REvival 41” drops for free on January 4th.

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Death Squad

24 May 2012, 15.11 | Posted in motorcycles, Skateboarding | 5 comments »

Death Squad is a company out of California that manufactures parts for high performance motorcycles and supports the skateboarding and surfing lifestyle. With dudes like Bobby Worrest, Corey Duffel, and Gareth Stehr backing the squad expect to hear more from them in the near future.

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Commune | Throttled Recap Video

19 October 2011, 15.25 | Posted in motorcycles, photography, Uncategorized, videos | No comments »

Commune has a recap video for Ray Gordons photo exhibit “Throttled” that went down last weekend in LA. Check out the motorcylcle ride to the event and happenings inside the gallery.

Radcollector x Hex | Evolve Electric Motorcycle Launch Event

07 October 2011, 15.30 | Posted in Accessories, Events, motorcycles, tech | No comments »

As part of our ongoing series with Hex, we attended the Evolve Electric Motorcycle launch event at Milk Studio’s penthouse last night. What better place to showcase the tech accessory than at a tech event. The electric scooters are pretty cool and every guest we spoke with said they would rock the Hex iPod watch band while cruising on one. We on the other hand want to ride the Tron bike that was there. Check out some pics from columnist Michael Cohen after the jump.

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Travis Pastrana & Cameron Sinclair Double Double Backflips

09 June 2011, 18.41 | Posted in craze, history, motocross, motorcycles | No comments »

The Nitro Circus dudes are fuckin crazy! Adding to his ever expanding list of death defying world’s firsts, Travis Pastrana along with Cameron Sinclair, just landed the first double double backflips in history. Where did it go down? Las Vegas of course.

Alpinestars Surfboard Covers

19 August 2010, 20.01 | Posted in motorcycles, shops, surfing | No comments »

Italian motorcycle racing brand Alpinestars is running an interesting installation of five hand stitched surfboard covers at The Closet, a shop in Costa Mesa, California. The covers are meant to convey the similar enthusiasm felt by motocyclists and surfers as well as to demonstrate the brand’s support of surf culture. All the pieces of the surfboard covers are taken from actual Alpinestars leather racing suits. Check some detail shots after the jump.

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SFK Timelapse Video

19 May 2010, 06.44 | Posted in motorcycles, videos | No comments »

We brought you the recap from their recent Motorock show, now the SFK crew out of Utah continues to bring the radness with this timelapse video of one of their bikes being built. That’s 100% handmade son.