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On April 12th, Friends of Douglas Greene and Homage Brooklyn joined together to ...
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Michael Cohen
SHUT AM Jason Klotz's Part from a brand that never took off called SIICK so ...
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Milkmade is featuring the 5-week tour I took through Eastern Europe last ...
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Andrew Guan
A quick visit to Vans Headquarter in California, thanks Glenn Brumage help me ...
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Brian Deka Paupaw
Welcome back to part two of my Brazilian Hip Hop series. If you missed Part one ...
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Category ‚weed‘

TheGoodLife! x Medtainer

21 April 2014, 14.09 | Posted in Accessories, weed | No comments »

If you’re wondering what to do with all the leftover bud from yesterday’s 4/20 celebrations, we’ve got the perfect solution. TheGoodLife! x Medtainer medical grade container/grinder keeps even the stinkiest bud from smelling up your pocket and delivers the perfect grind every time. This is honestly the first container product that has passed our “Sour Diesel on the Subway” test meaning you can safely carry even if you’re not lucky enough to live in a fully decriminalized state. Get one exclusively at WeAreTheGoodLife.

Primitive Northern Lights Collection

08 April 2014, 13.20 | Posted in Skateboarding, apparel, weed | 1 comment »

primitive weed4 Primitive Northern Lights Collection
In a world with so much horrible shit going on we have to take an extra minute, blaze something, and reflect on how rad it is that we live in an age where a major mall retailer like Zumiez will not only support but be the exclusive shop partner of a clothing collection dedicated to weed. That is all. Check out more of the Primitive Northern Lights Collection after the jump and buy it only at Zumiez.

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dose | Redman and A$AP Ferg are Mile High!

06 February 2014, 15.10 | Posted in Music, snowboarding, weed | 1 comment »

The latest dose comes from the weed mecca of Denver, Colorado as Timbo connects with A$AP Ferg and Redman to talk about bud and shredding. Fire one up and listen to Red explain that it was him, Method Man, and Cypress Hill who repped that weed life at their own career peril to bring marijuana culture to where it is today – legal! All we can say is “Thanks Redman!”

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Denver is Awesome; and Weird

17 January 2014, 13.06 | Posted in snowboarding, tradeshows, weed | 1 comment »

blue horse1 Denver is Awesome; and Weird
With the SIA tradeshow coming up we’re getting super excited to pack up and spend some quality time in Denver. There’s lots of reason we like Denver, the least of which is certainly not because weed is legal! Did that sentence even make sense? Anyway, while we were planning out our trip we came up on this pretty funny story about some of Denver’s little known facts, which we encourage you to check out on Boston.com. Ps it’s funnier if you’re high.

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Let’s All Move to Colorado!

01 January 2014, 15.42 | Posted in weed | 4 comments »

We seriously can’t believe this but from the looks at this video of the first dude ever buying recreational bud in Denver that WEED IS LEGAL! Seriously, not to get too hyped but CO has the best shredding in the US, Denver has 300 sunny days a year and there are skateparks and sick nature everywhere, why the fuck are we not all moving to Colorado?! 2014 is off to a damn good start, who’s with us?

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Grenco Science x Snoop | microG Herbal Vaporizer

16 December 2013, 16.20 | Posted in weed | 5 comments »

CompleteSet 02 540x380 Grenco Science x Snoop | microG Herbal Vaporizer
When did we all die and go to weed heaven? Seriously that’s how it feels some days as the news and products related to gods greatest gift to us keep getting better and better. We had the news of this one a little while ago but today Grenco Science finally releases the much anticipated microG Herbal Vaporizer. A collabo with (who else?) Uncle Snoop Dogg, it melds the ease of use and health benefits of a microG with the natural herb as nature intended for what may revolutionize consumption for all. Yeah you could stay we’re stoked. Take a closer look at all the components after the jump and visit your local smoke shop or go here to purchase.

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Grenco Science x Snoop Dogg | G Pen Deluxe Kit

23 October 2013, 15.31 | Posted in Accessories, weed | 3 comments »

Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer Grenco Science x Snoop Dogg | G Pen Deluxe Kit
Leave it to tha Dogfather to come out with the dopest G Pen collabo yet. The “Double G” collection comes with three vapes, the microG, the Slim, and the G Pen Herbal Vaporizer, the first one that doesn’t need oil or shatter to use. Yup now you can vaporizer the good ol fashioned Chronic. Ask you local shop or go here to get one. Detailed looks after the jump.

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CNN is Pro Weed

08 August 2013, 13.13 | Posted in weed | 1 comment »

CCN WEED CNN is Pro Weed
Obviously most of us have known this forever but its rad to get some validation from one of the world’s major news outlets/propaganda machines that weed is all good! Yep, Dr Sanjay Gupta today announced he was dead wrong for opposing the chronic and offered a pretty spectacular apology for it. Read it here while you rip a few tubes and maybe even call mom to say “I told ya so!” CNN is also airing a documentary called “Weed” on Agust 11 at 8pm. Hell yeah!

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Revolution Riche Sky High Crew

01 August 2013, 15.08 | Posted in apparel, weed | 3 comments »

SkyHighII 1 Revolution Riche Sky High Crew
Continuing with our theme today (and its not even 4/20) comes this ultra over the top set of crew necks from Revolution Riche. Shit, sometimes you just can’t say “I Love Weed!” enough right? One of these will do the trick for you. The purple haze is above, hit the jump for some of that good kush.

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NW Cannabis Market

03 July 2013, 12.12 | Posted in videos, weed | No comments »

Major props to our homies over at Cool Hunting for their latest video piece – a look into the NW Cannabis Market in Seattle. In what could best be described as a farmers market for bud, this only proves to us that the human race is capable of progress. Amen.

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