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The Best Job in the World

13 November 2014, 09.42 | Posted in weed | No comments »

Radcollector - Jake Browne Weed Critic
Yeah we’re going to go ahead and say it, Jake Browne has the best job in the world. The 31 one year has scored the unreal position of “Marijuana Critic” for the Denver Post, meaning he gets paid to get high and write about it! We are not making this up – peep his review of Sour Diesel sitting right in the open of one of the country’s biggest daily papers or hit the NY Times for a recent profile. Once you’re in the mood to read about weed you’re probably going to want to do it all day, so hit the Post’s all weed subsite The Cannabist and go nuts. God Bless America!

NYPD Stopping Weed Arrests

06 November 2014, 13.25 | Posted in weed | No comments »

Man the news on weed just keeps getting better. If we are to believe the New York Post, the NYPD has been given orders to stop their “Buy and Bust” program targeted at small weed transactions and use. The tactic, which sucks for everyone, was disproportionately used against minorities as a way of getting them into the system. We wonder if this is real, if you have a story about getting let go by NYPD for weed share it on our Facebook page.

Weed is Legal in OR, AK, and DC!

05 November 2014, 14.25 | Posted in weed | No comments »

Some great news for today that we are just getting around to posting cause yup, we been smoking bud all day is that weed is now legal in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC! You really gotta love the fact that at least one somewhat good thing is happening in this damn mess of a world. As in the other states with legal weed, the rules are a little weird, hit up Gawker for the full rundown of how to legally blaze in each state.

AirGuard Hotel Anti-Smoking Sensor

05 November 2014, 11.38 | Posted in craze, weed | No comments »

Radcollector - AirGuard
In some news that really sucks, a professor at Dartmouth is working on a device that will rat you out for smoking in a hotel room. Is this guy really trying to ruin the age old tradition of rolling into a new town, scoring some bud, and blazing out the telly? Like seriously man. Read the shitty thinking behind this technology over on Vice.


Colorado Governor Campaign Rap Feat Wyclef

26 September 2014, 09.45 | Posted in craze, Music, politics, weed | No comments »

Ok so it’s hard to watch this with a straight face because well, it’s an acoustic guitar driven rap song by some old dude named Mike Dunafon with ridiculous ad-libs by none other than Wyclef Jean. On the flip side, Dunafon is a bonafide candidate for the Governor of Colorado who wants to keep weed legal, reduce the growing police state and keep big money out of politics. That all being said this may be the hardest “Trap” song out right now! America is crazy!

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Another Reason Why Alaska is Rad

22 September 2014, 12.33 | Posted in comedy, tv, weed | No comments »

If you’re heading up to Alaska to shred this year, make sure you stop by and see Charlo Greene on your way through Anchorage, she’s definitely the raddest lady in town for multiple reasons! UPDATE: Please support The Alaska Cannabis Club here and hit the jump to see Charlo explain why she quit the TV News in her own words – she is not playing around!

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Akomplice Summer 2014 | Legalized It

12 May 2014, 10.50 | Posted in apparel, weed | 1 comment »

As a brand with roots in Colorado, Akomplice has been on the forefront of the state’s pro marijuana platform since day one. So it’s perfectly fitting that they went back home to shoot their latest lookbook amongst the vestiges of the new legal weed system. The “Legalized It” collection features tees, wovens, headwear, and pants perfect for heavy toking. See it all after the jump.

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TheGoodLife! x Medtainer

21 April 2014, 14.09 | Posted in Accessories, weed | 43 comments »

If you’re wondering what to do with all the leftover bud from yesterday’s 4/20 celebrations, we’ve got the perfect solution. TheGoodLife! x Medtainer medical grade container/grinder keeps even the stinkiest bud from smelling up your pocket and delivers the perfect grind every time. This is honestly the first container product that has passed our “Sour Diesel on the Subway” test meaning you can safely carry even if you’re not lucky enough to live in a fully decriminalized state. Get one exclusively at WeAreTheGoodLife.

Primitive Northern Lights Collection

08 April 2014, 13.20 | Posted in apparel, Skateboarding, weed | 1 comment »

In a world with so much horrible shit going on we have to take an extra minute, blaze something, and reflect on how rad it is that we live in an age where a major mall retailer like Zumiez will not only support but be the exclusive shop partner of a clothing collection dedicated to weed. That is all. Check out more of the Primitive Northern Lights Collection after the jump and buy it only at Zumiez.

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dose | Redman and A$AP Ferg are Mile High!

06 February 2014, 15.10 | Posted in Music, snowboarding, weed | 1 comment »

The latest dose comes from the weed mecca of Denver, Colorado as Timbo connects with A$AP Ferg and Redman to talk about bud and shredding. Fire one up and listen to Red explain that it was him, Method Man, and Cypress Hill who repped that weed life at their own career peril to bring marijuana culture to where it is today – legal! All we can say is “Thanks Redman!”

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