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Category ‚WTF‘

Grind Media Buys Transworld

20 May 2013, 20.53 | Posted in WTF, craze | No comments »

grindworld 540x363 Grind Media Buys Transworld
In some super boring corporate news, Source Interlink’s Grind Media which owns Skateboarder, Snowboarder and Surfer magazines has just bought Transworld Media from Bonnier Corp meaning that it now has doubles of the most popular board sport magazines in the world. There are also some BMX and moto titles in the mix but that part of the story is even more boring. What does it all mean? Basically just that the media side of the action sports industry is going the way the product side already has, with corporate synergy trumping originality at an alarming pace. We think it sucks and have already hit up our friends at YoBeat to get in on their poll about the situation. Thanks to Boardistan for the info and the amazing graphic above, if you want the hard news on this deal, hit them up here. In the meantime, maybe the three of us should join forces to create the only independent bloc of action sports media left!

Mountain Dew Drops Weezy

03 May 2013, 18.37 | Posted in WTF | 3 comments »

0503 mountain dew lil wayne 3 540x418 Mountain Dew Drops Weezy
According to TMZ, Mountain Dew has dropped Lil Wayne from their global marketing campaign after taking offense at a line mentioning Emmet Till. How white people coule take money away from a black person for making a reference to an incident in which white people murdered an innocent black person is so far beyond comprehension that thinking about it might make your head explode. We’re going to have to side with LilTunechi on this one.

Red Bull Ultra Natural Voice Over Recap

26 February 2013, 14.12 | Posted in Competitions, WTF, craze, snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Holy shit this is the funniest thing in the history of snowboarding! Even better than last year! Via SnowboarderMBM

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COMUNE Killed by Hostile Takeover

17 June 2011, 16.27 | Posted in WTF, apparel, business | 5 comments »

COM BP2011sp FRANKSBDAY 14 740x499 COMUNE Killed by Hostile Takeover
In some major bummer news, we’ve learned that there’s been a full departure of staff at COMUNE following a takeover of the brand by an investor. We don’t know the entire story yet but from the sounds of it a corporate business model has once again killed a creative entity. Sucks, because we really liked the brand. Read the list of departing staff after the jump.

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Scooters, Seriously?

26 May 2011, 13.14 | Posted in WTF, craze, videos | 1 comment »

In this week’s sign that the Apocalypse is upon us (despite have failed to descend on May 21) French scooter maker Oxelo has released this video that needs no further introduction. Scooters, Parkour, hotel maids, why do the French love such wacky shit?


Reno Craze

13 May 2011, 12.58 | Posted in WTF, craze, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

You might want to put on your headphones if you are in a public place because the audio in this video of some local shreds being kicked out a park in Reno, Nevada is some of the most unbelievable shit you will ever hear. We wonder if snowboarding is even actually illegal in Reno. Via Boardistan.


Twentieth Century Fox Suing Skatebook

15 March 2011, 11.44 | Posted in Skateboarding, WTF, books, lawsuits | No comments »

009 Hubba SW Twentieth Century Fox Suing Skatebook
In the “this is some serious bullshit” department, news came down today that FOX is suing the super rad Skatebook because of their homage to the Bartman in the Lance Mountain edition. In the words of Skatebook’s Mike Ballard:

First the bad news, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and its related entities (collectively “Fox”) is sueing Skatebook for paying tribute too and turning Bart Simpson Pro, illustrating him ripping the most famous spots in skateboarding’s history. So more than likely Skatebook is a wrap because of the legal fees and cost this suit will bring down on this non profit dig. Second if your selling this classic book Fox is demanding it be pulled from the shelf’s and destroyed or else.

But the good news is, your classic edition of “Skatebook Lance Mountain Edition” will surely go up in worth, it will probably be worth more then the coveted Cardial cover book that has recently been sold for 240 bucks on Amazon.com

We will keep everyone posted on the case, pray for us that we can somehow survive the wrath of the Fox Intellectual Property Department, they seem to think Skatebook is a big company with deep pockets.

WTF? | Skiiing on Jaws

12 February 2011, 22.32 | Posted in WTF, craze | 2 comments »

No disrespect to Chuck Patterson but someone’s got to talk him out of this ASAP. Wrong on so many levels.

Shaun White x BFGoodrich?

26 January 2011, 11.05 | Posted in WTF, craze | No comments »

shauncrop Shaun White x BFGoodrich?
In the WTF category, we received a cryptic email today from BFGoodrich tires announcing an announcement they plan to make this Thursday. From the look of it, Ken Block is gonna have some long haired Gymkhana competition. Another look after the jump.

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Jereme Rogers Freestyle

18 January 2011, 20.57 | Posted in WTF, craze | 6 comments »

Jereme Rogers is back at it. This is called the J.Casanova 30 Thousand 100 Million freestyle. It’s amazing on so many levels, but you don’t have to tell him, he already amazes himself.