Michael Cohen
Chrome Industries and SHUT Skateboards have paired up to bring a gallery show ...
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Kelly Williams
Born at the turn of the twentieth century, Emilio De Marchi was a friend of ...
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Brian Deka Paupaw
The homies down at Aegir Boardworks have teamed up with Globe and Surfing ...
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Andrew Guan
Chris Cole and Sean Malto were invited to the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic ...
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Daily News

Change by Andrew Hardingham

02 October 2009, 11.10 | Posted in snowboarding, strange stuff, videos | No comments »

Have you ever wanted to see Andrew Hardingham’s life played out in Canadian currency over a wood chopping block? Of course you have and the dudes at Updown knew it. That’s why they made this video. No other intro is really necessary.

Snowmaking Starts at Copper

01 October 2009, 16.58 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Snowmaking Starts at Copper
The countdown has now really begun – Copper started making snow today. Now the first order of business to get ready for their opening in 36 days is to get crackin on their new 22 ft Superpipe. They will also be sacrificing one white lamb daily to the snow gods. Peep a couple of appetizer pictures after the jump.

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Von Zipper Bunker

01 October 2009, 16.10 | Posted in sunglasses | 12 comments »

Rad Collector - Von Zipper Bunker
Von Zipper has a fresh new pair of shades for fall dropping with the Bunker. A nice clean aviator in silver, black and gold, the Bunker is available now at VZ retailers for around 90 bones. More looks at the glasses as well as the Bunker print ad after the jump.

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Prestige x Distrikt | Boise Beavers

01 October 2009, 14.14 | Posted in Skateboarding, collabs, decks, shops | No comments »

Rad Collector - Prestige x Distrikt Boise Beaver
In some news from the way under-appreciated heartland, Distrikt has just done a board graphic for Boise, Idaho shop Prestige. The inspiration came from a fictional farm club baseball team as well as from beavers, actual and metaphorical alike. Via Kelly D. Williams.

Westbeach 30th Anniversary Heritage Project

01 October 2009, 13.22 | Posted in camps, history, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Canadian heavyweight brand Westbeach is releasing a series of videos known as the Heritage Project. The latest to drop, “Summer Camps” goes deep into summer shred with historic and never seen footage and commentary from the likes of Kevin Sansalone, Kale Stephens, Chris Brown, JP Walker, and Ken Achenbach. Taking it to print as well as web, Westbeach also released “Out West: Snowboarding, Westbeach, and a New Canadian Dream” this week, a book collaboration with Dano Pendygrasse. Feeling the vid – go here to download it on your iPhone.

Dyrdek Collection Drops Today

01 October 2009, 12.27 | Posted in Denim, Pro Models, Skateboarding, Sneakers, apparel | No comments »

Rad Collector - Dyrdek Collection Drops Today
We previewed Rob Dyrdek’s RD0915AW collection for you a while back. Today we announce it’s official release. You can cop the new RD1 Mid plus skate denim, fleece, t-shirts, hats, wallets, and a high-end leather jacket at worldwide retailers starting right now. Plus, cause you know Rob don’t play, he is combo’ing the release with an episode of Fantasy Factory that showcases the collection. Cha-ching! Some more shots after the jump.

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Official “Maloof” Snap Back

01 October 2009, 10.53 | Posted in Skateboarding, hats, lifestyle, special editions | No comments »

Rad Collector - Official "Maloof" Snap Back
By putting their money where their mouths are, the Maloof brothers were able to break into skate like a hot comb on nappy ass hair, something that people try their whole life to do and never pull off. Further evidence of the strength of their embrace is this exclusive Maloof-inspired snap back from Official . Available only at Hatclub or on the Official site, the Official “Kings” snap back joins a basketball inspired “All Star” hat as two colorways the brand did just for Hatclub. More looks after the jump.

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Comune Karlson Tea Party

30 September 2009, 23.45 | Posted in Events, exhibitions, motorcycles, photography | No comments »

Rad Collector - Comune Karlson Tea Party
Ambiguous founder Frank Delgadillo’s new company, Comune threw a rad event over the weekend at their compound in Costa Mesa. The Karlson Tea Party, as it was called, was a triple threat: Adam Wright photo exhibition, motorcycle show, and Pabst Blue Ribbon pound-a-thon. Bikes by builders like Shinya Kimura, Brandon “Brawny” Holstein, Trevelen of SuperCo, Chopper Dave, JoMO Racing and Lossa Engineering were on display along with over 100 bikes ridden to the party by SoCal bike heads. They even had one of Brad Pitt’s bikes – the sick Ducati above. Check some more bike and party flicks after the jump.

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Hitler Banana Video

30 September 2009, 18.04 | Posted in WTF, snowboarding, videos | 3 comments »

We have only two words for this: Holy Shit. Via The Angry Snowboarder.

KR3W Phantom

30 September 2009, 17.29 | Posted in Accessories, Skateboarding, Watches | No comments »

Rad Collector - KR3W Phantom
More from KR3W today. Factory 413 just got an early box of the fresh new Phantom watch in black, purps, green, red, turquoise and white. You better act fast cause there are only 4 of each color available. Cop em right here. The rest of the colors after the jump.

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