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Transworld Skateboarding has just released a "video checkout" with an interview ...
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Michael Cohen
SHUT AM Jason Klotz's Part from a brand that never took off called SIICK so ...
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JZ Radical
Milkmade is featuring the 5-week tour I took through Eastern Europe last ...
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Andrew Guan
A quick visit to Vans Headquarter in California, thanks Glenn Brumage help me ...
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Brian Deka Paupaw
Welcome back to part two of my Brazilian Hip Hop series. If you missed Part one ...
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Daily News

Elzo Durt x Carhartt | Amen

07 September 2009, 14.01 | Posted in Art, Skateboarding, exhibitions | No comments »

Rad Collector - Elzo Durt x Carhartt Amen
Carhartt has joined together with Belgian artist Elzo Durt, who also did this summer’s Yama x Carhartt Mental Weirdo Asylum decks, for an exhibition of his work at Carhartt stores across Europe. Starting this weekend Amen will hit Carhartt in Frankfurt, Paris, London, Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Marseille. Full show info after the jump. Via Monster Skate.

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Grenade Army | On a Boat

07 September 2009, 11.42 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

This being an Olympic year and all, and Danny being an Olympian, Grenade is going hard to expand their brand reach. But while speed skaters and lugers try for Wheaties boxes, Visa ads and other boring ways of cashing in on the Olympic craze, Danny and the Dingo are on a boat. Can’t wait to see what the IOC thinks of Danny’s training regimen. For some more behind the scenes of Grenade on a boat hit the Windowseat Pictures blog or just hit up the Grenade Army right here.

SASS 2009

05 September 2009, 12.02 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Not everyone in the world is stuck waiting out the next two and a half months for the snow to finally hit, the smart ones are in the southern hemi right now living it up. Chek out what’s poppin in Argentina, where the South American Snow Sessions are in full swing. Lucky bastards!

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Nate Bozung F Bomb Edit

05 September 2009, 09.35 | Posted in interviews, magazines, videos | No comments »

To promote their recent interview with Nate Bozung, Updown Magazine bet Bozwreck that he couldn’t fit 20 versions of fuck into a one minute teaser and still have it make any sense. Boy did he prove them wrong. Peep the whole interview with snowboarding’s renegade baller at UpdownMag.com on October 5th or better yet, find a real copy and read it the old fashioned way – on the can.

Celtek x Dave Doman

04 September 2009, 17.13 | Posted in Fundraisers, Skateboarding, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Celtek x Dave Doman
In some major bummer news, Salt Lake artist and friend to many, Dave Doman, suffered some major head injuries while skating in Cali last week. He is currently in the ICU in a medically induced coma. Luckily his bros at Celtek have initiated some quick thinking and are committed to helping Dave get up out of the hospital and back on board as soon as possible. You can help too. By going here, you can cop either a Dave Doman poster print or Wolf Lady tee and every cent will go to help cover hospital bills. You’d want someone to help if it was you. Peep the poster after the jump.

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Playmobil Shred

04 September 2009, 16.31 | Posted in Random, lifestyle, videos | No comments »

Remember Playmobil? Those kinda weird, Euro, not-quite-Lego, not-quite-GI Joe toys you used to play with when you were a kid? Check out this insane stop-motion video from France featuring Playmobil dude gone mad extreme. Seriously, this is pretty dope. Via Boardistan.


Kevin Pearce x Huff Post

04 September 2009, 12.53 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Kevin Pearce x Huff Post
This isn’t major news but worth the mention on principal. The esteemed blog The Huffington Post interviewed Kevin Pearce last week, which is all well and good. KP is blowing up like Nitro. Word. Problem is that the Huffington blogger chose the lamest, circa ‘82 stereotypical preface she possibly could: assuming Kevin was dumb because he shreds. Check it out.

“I have to admit that when I was offered the chance to interview Kevin, I had some preconceived notions. When someone tells you that you just have to interview this incredible 21-year-old snowboarder, lots of things pop into your head. Things like, “This may be a tough interview filled with one-word answers … one-word answers that may often include the word ‘dude.’”

Nice story arc Erica Boeke. Apparently it’s a miracle when shredders can speak. Read the whole thing here.

Sean Richany Edit

04 September 2009, 11.30 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Staff BMX just released this sick indoor edit of Sean Richany aka Lil Sean testing out his new Premium setup in Dirty Jerz. Clearly this kid was bio-engineered to ride because he is fucking 13 years old and pulled all this off in a 30 minute sesh. 13?!? Exactly. Enjoy your totally inferior riding this weekend. Via Vital BMX.

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DC Gymkhana 2.1 | Block vs Dyrdek

04 September 2009, 10.24 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Someone must really love this Gymkhana thing, cause it keeps going longer than the energy bunny. Next up is version 2.1. This one is pretty funny though, with Rob Dyrdek getting in on the action in his exact replica mini-Gymkhana whip and further proving that he gets paid purely to have fun. You can’t hate on that though. If you still need more, hit up DC for some behind the scenes love.

éS | The Great éScape Tour Amsterdam Edit

03 September 2009, 20.01 | Posted in Skateboarding, team, tours, videos | No comments »

When one of the raddest teams in the game hits one of the raddest cities in the world only radness can result. Catch a glimpse of this simple math on this new edit featuring Justin Eldridge, Danny Garcia, Bobby Worrest, Rodrigo TX, Mike Anderson, John Rattray, Bas Janssen, Ricardo Paterno and Woody Hoogendijk holding it down in Smoke City. Smokin son.