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Transworld Skateboarding has just released a "video checkout" with an interview ...
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Welcome back to part two of my Brazilian Hip Hop series. If you missed Part one ...
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Daily News

BFF SF Bike Gap

20 July 2009, 11.32 | Posted in Events, bmx | No comments »

The Bicycle Film Festival has been touring around the country this summer, but only in San Francisco did they put up a huge bike gap to flat. Shit is pretty gnarly, that one dude nails it though. Via TheComeUp.

Red Bull Butter Cup Niagara Falls

20 July 2009, 11.04 | Posted in contests, snowboarding | No comments »

Here’s a video from the RedBull Butter Cup that went down in Niagara Falls earlier this month. It’s getting some pretty mixed reviews. Check out what they’re saying over at YoBeat. Whatever your thoughts, it still looks like Tim Humphreys and Forest Baily were having fun and they got paid so word.

Nike SB | A Day With Paul

19 July 2009, 11.22 | Posted in Events, Pro Models, Skateboarding | 4 comments »

Rad Collector - Nike SB A Day With Paul
As we mentioned yesterday, Nike SB hosted “A Day With Paul” this weekend in Los Angeles. On a perfect Saturday, about 30 shop dudes and a handful of media got to rip around LA in limo-busses and skate with P-Rod, both at his plaza at Richie Valens Park and at his private training facility. The trip gave everyone a chance to skate the new P-Rod 3 as well as to see how Paul gets down on an average Saturday. Needless to say, the kid is living the life, but he’s also as chill and humble as someone could be in his position. But when he skates, everyone stops and watches. Check out a bunch of pics from the day after the jump. Shot with both a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 and a Nikon D90.

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P-Rod 3 | White Colorway

18 July 2009, 10.46 | Posted in Pro Models, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 4 comments »

Rad Collector - P-Rod 3 White Colorway
Speaking of P-Rod, Nike SB hosted “A Day With Paul” in Los Angeles today with select retail accounts and media getting a chance to skate with Paul at both his new Skate Plaza and his top secret training facility. They also had P-Rod 3’s in white in a special white wood box. Check some more pics after the jump. More from A Day With Paul this weekend.

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P-Rod “Today Was a Good Day” Commercial

17 July 2009, 23.38 | Posted in Pro Models, Skateboarding, Sneakers, advertising, videos | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - P-Rod Today Was a Good Day Commercial
Gearing up for the 8/8 release of the new P-Rod 3, Nike SB has just released a new ad called “Today Was A Good Day.” Yup you guessed it, P-Rod flipped Ice Cube in this ode to Los Angeles but instead of not having to fire his AK, P-Rod just got to have a sick day of skating. Check out the video here and come back to peep it again on July 31st, when they drop an extended version.

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Monster Magazine x Bright | Brooklyn Banks Display

17 July 2009, 19.20 | Posted in Skateboarding, magazines, photography, tradeshows | No comments »

Europe’s big skate tradeshow, Bright, went down in Frankfurt, Germany last week. Dopest booth award has got to go to Monster Magazine, Germany’s top skateboarding magazine, who recreated the Brooklyn Banks using photography from Gerhard Stochl. Digitally fusing the photos and blowing them up to almost life size created a room that’s about as near to the experience of being at the banks without a plane ticket to NY, except couldn’t skate it. Monster’s NYC issue drops in October. Check out some more pics of the booth here.

Harry Main Post-Injury Interview

17 July 2009, 13.03 | Posted in bmx, injuries | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Harry Main Post-Injury Interview
Nike 6.0 superstar Harry Main snapped his fibia in gnarly fashion while filming in Germany last week and will now be out for about two and a half months. He’ll miss the 6.0 HB BMX Pro and X-games, both of which go down in SoCal over the next two weeks. Bummer. Vital BMX caught up with him looped on painkillers but in otherwise good spirits to talk about what happened and what’s next. Read the whole interview here.

Lakai “Rick” Commercial in HD

17 July 2009, 12.52 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, advertising | No comments »

This Rick Howard ad is one of the funniest skateboarding commercials ever. It’s even better in HD. Via LakaiWeb.

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Point Break Live

16 July 2009, 16.02 | Posted in hotels, lifestyle, strange stuff | No comments »

Rad Collector - Point Break Live
You know this is gonna be some shit! Nike 6.0 is throwing down beaucoup festivities at the Motel No Tell over the next couple of weeks but this one may just take the cake. This Sunday, July 19th, invited guests will get a chance to see and participate in Point Break Live: Adrenaline Edition. What the hell is Point Break Live you ask? Why it’s a live action version of the Xtreme cinema classic where audience members are pulled in to re-enact pivotal scenes. This could finally be your chance to channel Johnny Utah in public!

Stevie Williams x G-Shock Commercial

16 July 2009, 15.38 | Posted in Skateboarding, Watches, advertising, lifestyle | No comments »

G-Shock is in the middle of a huge push right now and is rolling out multi media lifestyle content of all types. From custom inserts in Antenna Magazine to a collaborative project with Frank151, they are really killing it, and with good cause – who doesn’t love a fly G Shock? Check out this new ad they just did with Stevie Williams. Stevie is sounding like a wise OG in this one. Expect a lot from G-Shock to start coming down the pipe real soon. Via Webleedwood.