Kelly Williams
Born at the turn of the twentieth century, Emilio De Marchi was a friend of ...
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Brian Deka Paupaw
The homies down at Aegir Boardworks have teamed up with Globe and Surfing ...
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Andrew Guan
Chris Cole and Sean Malto were invited to the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic ...
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Michael Cohen
Monday Night Is SKATE Night! hosted by Big Jim, Somdusca and Alex Corporan. ...
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Long time friend Trent Hazelwood, just went pro for 1031 Skateboards. Filmed ...
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DC | Project Granite Asia Tour

14 July 2009, 14.17 | Posted in Skateboarding, team, tours | No comments »

Rad Collector - DC Project Granite Asia Tour
It’s not just “King Of” and the Blabac tour, DC is keepin it mad global with the Project Granite Asia Tour. The whole sqidad of Colin McKay, PJ Ladd, Ryan Smith, Jani Laitiala, Matt Miller, Marquise Henry, Greg Myers, Wes Kremer, and Evan Smith all bounced over to Asia for a week of demos, signings and skating. Incredibly this was DC’s first ever Asian skate tour. Check out some rad photos after the jump. You can also go here for extra videos and tour info.

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FMS x Skatebook

14 July 2009, 12.39 | Posted in Skateboarding, magazines, shops | No comments »

Rad Collector - FMS x Skatebook
The Famous team has a chapter in the new Skatebook | HELLmag and are having a party at The Fast Life in LA to celebrate it. This Thursday, Felix Arguelles and crew will be hooking up exclusive tees to the first people to cop the new issue. Full invite after the jump. The Fast Life is at 8101 W. 3rd St, aight?

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Maloof Money Cup 2009 Finals Gallery

14 July 2009, 12.05 | Posted in Competitions, Skateboarding | 2 comments »

Rad Collector - Maloof Money Cup Finals Gallery
As promised, here is a nice gallery of shots from the final day at Maloof. One thing is for sure, Chris Cole and Alex Perelson are definitely balling this week. Head over to Alli for the complete results. Lots more pics from Laura Austin after the jump.

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Dethkills x Agenda

13 July 2009, 22.41 | Posted in Art, Events, tradeshows | No comments »

Speaking of Agenda Huntington Beach, they are going to be having a live art installation done by Dethkills and put together this dope little preview video over on their blog. Holla back for some shots of the final product.

Agenda Huntington Beach

13 July 2009, 20.09 | Posted in Skateboarding, lifestyle, tradeshows | No comments »

Rad Collector - Agenda Huntington Beach
One of the only tradeshows that matters, Agenda is set to pop off in Huntington Beach, California on July 22nd and 22rd. It’s going to be official with brands like Huf, RVKA, Altamont, Analog, C1RCA, Deathwish, New Era, Supra, anon, Nike 6.0, IPATH and mad more converging to get all the stuff done that never gets done in Vegas – actually having fun! Plus the US Open of Surfing is going down the same week so you can plan on it being out of hand. Stay tuned for Radcollector’s on site coverage of all the new hot shit. Full brand list after the jump.

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Metal Bikes | Northwest Road Trip

13 July 2009, 17.45 | Posted in bmx, videos | 2 comments »

Here’s a fun one – 8 minutes of psychosis from Metal Bikes as part of the Props Northwest Roadtrip. There isn’t really a gnarlier crew out there, right down to the bum bonk that jumps things off. This is the complete part. Word to TheComeUp.

Nike 6.0 Stinkween Video

We showed you the ill Madsteez x Stink Nike 6.0 Stinkween Braata last week, now check out how this creation came to life in this video featuring both Mark Madsteez and Evan “Stink” Rossel and their collabed character creation “StinkWeen” which is itself “a fusion of Madsteez’s scrappy cartoon self-portrait “Weeneze” and a mischievous alter-ego doodle by Stink.” After you peep the vid, head over to and enter your own Stinkween-inspired character to win a hand-painted portrait of yourself done by Madsteez himself. In a complete takeover, Madsteez will also be down in Huntington Beach, California this week painting three murals at Jack’s Surfboards just in time for both the US Open of Surfing and the shoe release on July 24 at both Jacks and the Motel NoTell.

Maloof Money Cup 2009 Recap

13 July 2009, 13.35 | Posted in Skateboarding, contests | No comments »

Rad Collector - Maloof Money Cup 2009 Recap
The 2nd annual Maloof Money Cup went down this past weekend and Radcollector contributor, photographer and all around ace in the hole, Laura Austin was there in the trenches taking it all in – Snoop show, Kobe drop in and all. Here’s what she had to say about it:
“Some of the craziest skating I have every seen went down at the Maloof Money Cup. With the jam style format of the competition there would be many skaters all throwing down at once, so if you blinked you would miss something. Maloof is set up to replicate something you might find on a street, with marble ledges, brick walls, stair sets, picnic tables, etc, so it forced skaters to get creative. And because of the format you were able to see some skaters that you wouldn’t normally see in contests. With the close to 90 degree weather and constant sun I was feeling the heat just shooting photos, I can’t imagine what it was like for the skaters. Some of the highlights, 18-year-old Alex Perelson threw down a 900 in the vert competition, becoming the 4th person to ever pull off a 900 in a major competition. That combined with his huge airs all day gave him the first place spot and $75,000. Adam Dyet took best trick with a kickflip back tail down the Rincon rail. Street must have been hard to judge with the top skaters all throwing down at one time but Chris Cole was definitely the most consistent, earning himself the first place spot and 100 Gs.”
A bunch of Laura’s photos after the jump. Stayed tuned for some images from Finals in a bit.

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Blabac Photo | Melbourne & Tokyo

13 July 2009, 12.07 | Posted in Events, Skateboarding, books, photography | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Blabac Photo Melbourne & Tokyo
Mike Blabac’s epic book of skate photo’s “Blabac Photo: The Art of Skateboard Photography,” is on an epic world tour and touched town in Australia and Japan last week. With star studded openings in both Melbourne and Tokyo, Blabac now heads to Barcelona and London to give Europe some love. Stay up on all things Blabac here. Lots of pics from both openings after the jump.

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Atlas x Alien Workshop “Three Years in the Field”

13 July 2009, 11.43 | Posted in Parties, Skateboarding, collabs, photography | No comments »

Rad Collector - Atlas x Alien Workshop
Atlas in San Mateo, California has just released a dope collabo series with Alien Workshop called “Three Years in the Field.” They brought photographers Joe Brook and Greg Hunt together for a super limited series of decks and tees featuring their respective work done during the filming of Alien’s Mindfield. Yep, that was a three year gig. They kicked it off with a party at the store this weekend, check out some photos here. More looks at the collab after the jump.

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