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Chrome Industries and SHUT Skateboards have paired up to bring a gallery show ...
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Born at the turn of the twentieth century, Emilio De Marchi was a friend of ...
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Posts tagged ‘Andre Magarao’

Yago Dora Backflip

08 January 2013, 10.54 | Posted in surfing, videos | 1 comment »

Radcollector Brasil familia Andre Magarao sent us some warm weather vibes this morning with this rad edit of sixteen year old Brasilian surfer Yago Dora nailing a stylish backflip in Hawaii three days ago. Mmm Hawaii.

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Reno in Rio | Arubinha

19 July 2012, 19.00 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | 1 comment »

Reno Romeu continues to stomp around his hometown in this next edit from Andre Magarao. Shot at Arubinha (little Aruba) it’s another example of the type of spots that exist in Rio de Janeiro and allowed Reno to reach the elite levels of kitesurf.

Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya | Rise or Fall

10 July 2012, 10.58 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | No comments »

Here’s another rad kitesurf video from Andre Magarao, this time featuring the world’s top male and female riders, Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya. Listen to them explain their nomadic lifestyles while ripping it up in Adicora, Venezuela. Beleza.

Reno in Rio

25 June 2012, 11.32 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | No comments »

Its a dreary Monday in NY so we’re transplanting ourselves to Rio de Janeiro through Andre Magarao’s rad new cineflex edit of Reno Romeu going HAM at his home spot, Barra da Tijuca.

Hannah Whiteley Lost on an Island

22 June 2012, 15.09 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | 3 comments »

Radcollector familia Andre Magarao just released this beautiful edit featuring kite surfer Hannah Whiteley lost on an island in Venezuela. OK so she might not really be lost but it’s pretty much a perfect edit in every respect, enjoy!

Reno Romeu New Caledonia Edit

23 December 2011, 20.59 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | No comments »

We’d be lying if we said we had any idea where New Caledonia is but we definitely want to go there. Brasiliero Reno Romeu just got back and edited this rad video from the trip with Andre Magarao. E Nois!

Reno Romeu Profile Edit

24 May 2011, 22.12 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | No comments »

Rio de Janeiro based wake/kiteboarder Reno Romeu continues to blast off, this time in an edit from Coma Productions profiling Reno and the cidade maravilhosa. Action footage from RC familia Andre Magarao.

Naga Cable Park Rainy Day Edit

28 March 2011, 14.10 | Posted in videos, wakeboard | 1 comment »
YouTube Preview Image

Radcollector parceiro Andre Magarao in Brasil just dropped his latest wakeboard edit with this rainy day session at the Naga Cable Park in Jaguariuna, Sao Paulo state. Peep Igor B8 and Reno Romeu gettin technical at the five tower park.

Reno Romeu Cauipe Lagoon Edit Pt. 2

28 November 2010, 15.33 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | No comments »

Here is part two of Andre Magarao’s edit featuring Reno Romeu stomping pra caralho at Cauipe Lagoon near Cumbuco in Ceará, Brasil. You may remember Reno from our coverage of his wakeboarding off the back of a truck in the streets of Rio last year.

Reno Romeu Cauipe Lagoon Edit

12 November 2010, 14.55 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | No comments »

While we don’t really cover it, there’s no doubt that kitesurfing is ill. Check out Reno Romeu going ridiculously huge at Cauipe Lagoon in Ceará, Northern Brasil in this edit by Andre Magarao.