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Ashbury 2015 Wall of Goggles

04 February 2014, 19.02 | Posted in goggles, snowboarding | No comments »

Ashbury 2015 Ashbury 2015 Wall of Goggles
One of our favorite displays at SIA was also one of the the most simple: Ashbury’s 2015 Wall of Goggles. With a simple chalked-in name of the rider repping them, it was like a window into the future of snowboard eyewear. We’ll get to the individual frames a bit down the road.


Ashbury Eyewear: How it all Began

03 June 2013, 10.07 | Posted in goggles, sunglasses, videos | 2 comments »

Ever wonder how to start a company, make it rad, and not fail? In this this mini doc by Eddie Grams, you learn exactly that from Lance & Michael Hakker and Nima Jalali aka the bros behind Ashbury Eyewear. The simple truth: It ain’t easy, but it sure is fun. Check it out.

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Ashbury Fall 2012 Video Look Book

24 July 2012, 18.48 | Posted in look books, sunglasses, videos | 1 comment »

We’re not really ready to start thinking about Fall yet, but this new look book from Ashbury is so rad that it doesn’t bum us out.


Ashbury Summer 2012 Frames

23 May 2012, 13.41 | Posted in sunglasses | 3 comments »

HARLEM BLACK 540x270 Ashbury Summer 2012 Frames
Ashbury just dropped some new frames for summer. The Harlem (above), the Diego, and the Vacation meld classic style with a leisurely look perfect for going warm weather incognito. More looks after the jump.

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Ashbury | Don’t Try feat. Louif Paradis

16 April 2012, 14.32 | Posted in advertising, goggles, videos | No comments »

Ashbury serves up their next “Don’t Try” video with Louif Paradis who explains what the epitome of bad style is. Watch and learn.

Ashbury | Don’t Try feat. Justin Bennee

09 April 2012, 23.11 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Ashbury’s rad “Don’t Try” team promo series continues with Justin Bennee who eloquently states: “It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like what you’re doing, if they don’t like it, that’s their own fuckin problem, ya know?” Enough said.

ThirtyTwo x Ashbury | Nima Jalali Signature Boot

02 February 2011, 00.42 | Posted in boots, collabs, snowboarding | No comments »

32nima1 ThirtyTwo x Ashbury | Nima Jalali Signature Boot
As part of ThirtyTwo’s signature series for next season comes this banger collabo with Ashbury for Nima Jalali. Coming in black tie-dye with Ashbury third eye branding, these are obviously perfect for the hippie with a dark side. Detailed looks after the jump.

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KR3W x Ashbury Day Tripper Re-Release

03 June 2010, 13.21 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding, sunglasses | 4 comments »

DayTipper Kr3w MatteBlack KR3W x Ashbury Day Tripper Re Release
If you missed out on the first run of the buttery matte-black KR3W x Ashbury Day Trippers, and you probably did since they sold out almost instantly, you’ll be happy to know that they are back for another limited run. If you want to make e-moves quick, Active’s got em right here.

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KR3W Big Bear Demo

30 March 2010, 17.39 | Posted in demos, snowboarding | No comments »

jakewalljam1802 KR3W Big Bear Demo
KR3W mobbed Big Bear this past weekend for their end of the season collabo demo with Ashbury. Jed Anderson and Jake Olson-Elm pretty much ran things. That’s Jake up above with the 180 off the wall and Jed after the jump with the 3 on, 180 off the rail.

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KR3W x Ashbury

15 February 2010, 11.54 | Posted in collabs, sunglasses | 1 comment »

dt2 KR3W x Ashbury
KR3W and Ashbury dropped their super limited collab sunglasses today. Only 200 pairs are available at select accounts or online through Active Ride Shop. Check out a couple more looks after the jump.

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