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Shadow Conspiracy DNVR OMLTS Edit

05 June 2012, 14.47 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Forget nuggets, Simone Barraco, Ben Hucke, and Eric Bahlman are taking it all it back to the eggsence with this rad new edit from Denver. Shadow Conspiracy strikes again!

Brandon Straub Portland Edit

22 May 2012, 11.34 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Ben Hucke just released this montage of Brandon Straub ripping up the streets of Portland, OR in a segment known as
“Boozemouth Daggertime!” Enjoy.

Diamondback Welcomes Ben Hucke

07 February 2012, 11.17 | Posted in bmx, team | 1 comment »

One of the raddest riders in the game, with hands down the best name in the game, Ben Hucke, has made a big move and joined the Diamondback program. The brand stands to gain alot from Hucke’s departure from Sputnic as evidenced in even this supershort edit from Austin, TX.

Shadow Conspiracy | Ben Hucke PHX to PDX Edit

02 September 2011, 16.59 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

You know when Ben Hucke puts together an edit, he doesn’t fuck around. In this tradition comes his latest, a collection of bangers stretching from PHX to PDX also know as Phoenix and Portland for you non-travelers. Enjoy.

Sputnic | Ben Hucke at GlenHaven Skatepark

09 November 2010, 17.43 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Check out the latest edit from Sputnic featuring Ben Hucke. What do you know about ghost riding the drink?

The Shadow Conspiracy | Step Brothers Edit

29 July 2010, 16.28 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

The Shadow Conspiracy just put together this edit of brothers from other mothers, Caleb Quanbeck and Ben Hucke, effortlessly flexing their endless steez. We in particular like the first half with music by Radcollector fam Santogold.

The Shadow Conspiracy | Ben Hucke Edit

02 June 2010, 18.11 | Posted in bmx, interviews, videos | No comments »

Shadow’s deep well of talent gets deeper with the addition of the dude with the best name in BMX, Ben Hucke, to their team. Go here to read the accompanying interview and be prepared to see lots more from this dude.

Sputnic | Tuesday with Miles – Who Dat New Orleans Trip edit

01 June 2010, 17.26 | Posted in bmx, videos | 1 comment »

Sputnic has just dropped the elaborately named “Tuesday with Miles – Sputnic Who Dat New Orleans Trip” edit. Peep Tony Neyer, Rickey Bates, Ben Hucke, Talem Cowart and Tom Molynuex going big in the Big Easy. Filmed by Miles Rogoish.

Shadow Conspiracy Welcomes Ben Hucke

26 April 2010, 12.31 | Posted in bmx, team, videos | No comments »

Shadow Conspiracy starts the week off in a big way with the announcement that Ben Hucke has joined their gnarly crew. Watch this video a few times, how he walks it off is unbelievable.