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ThirtyTwo x Chris Grenier | Hubbed Pullover

28 October 2013, 16.18 | Posted in snowboarding | 97 comments »

In our opinion only Massholes should really be rocking the new Hubbed Pullover from ThirtyTwo, but we can’t front like Chris Grenier’s STI-enhanced hoodie isn’t fresh. Get it now at ThirtyTwo dealers. Another look after the jump.

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LRG | “Grendys”

04 February 2013, 16.00 | Posted in snowboarding, Uncategorized, videos | No comments »

LRG has a rad edit out with Chris Grenier doing what he does best. Killing it. This will brighten up your wack ass Monday with the quickness. Enjoy.

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ThirtyTwo | Chris Grenier 2012 Collection

20 July 2012, 09.44 | Posted in apparel, snowboarding | 1 comment »

The ThirtyTwo family was in NYC this week to showcase their new line and enjoy a little bit of summer in the city. We hit the showroom where team rider Chris Grenier schooled us in a game of ping-pong and then graciously gave us a look at his new boot and apparel collection. Hit the jump for a closer look.

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LRG Snowboarding | Team Edit

03 May 2010, 16.44 | Posted in snowboarding, team, videos | 1 comment »

We’ve been bringing you clips introducing the individual members of LRG’s new snowboarding team. Here is the whole crew together: John Jackson, Justin Bennee, Chris Grenier and am Niko Cioffi. If LRG is starting things off like this, they are going to to well in the snow. Look for Bennee and Grenier in the new Videograss flick and Jackson and Cioffi in Forum’s F’it.

LRG Visually Heard | Chris Grenier

22 April 2010, 14.15 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

LRG continues to roll out their snow team intros with the latest “Visually Heard” featuring Chris Grenier. A rad mini edit from this versatile ripper for sure but considering his brother is that dude from Entourage, you’d expect more chicks.

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Lungie Land Vol. 21

04 March 2010, 00.26 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Lungie Land has just hit its 21st episode and thus eclipses more than a few US primetime shows in both the drama and comedy categories in terms of longevity. The secret to Deadlungs success, it would seem, hinges on his steady hand and his access to endless pow. This patriotic edition is a good follow up to the Olympics and features Deadlung, Chris Bradshaw, Bob Plumb, Chris Grenier, and Harrison Gordon.

Chris Grenier and Bode Merrill on Celtek

18 December 2009, 14.29 | Posted in snowboarding, team | No comments »

Rad Collector - Chris Grenier and Bode Merrill on Celtek
The small company with the biggest team award has got to go to Celtek. They already had one of the illest lineups in the game with Bjorn Leines, Aaron Biittner, Justin Bennee, Mikey LeBlanc, Cheryl Maas, Zac Marben, Stevie Bell, JJ Thomas, Deadlung, Eero Niemela, Iris Lazzareschi, Maggie Dubois, Dan Brisse, and Gabby Maiden. But that wasn’t enough for them so they went ahead and added Chris Grenier and Bode Merrill, seriously! Chris is above, peep Bode after the jump.

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Salomon Team Tour Video #1

01 December 2009, 18.20 | Posted in snowboarding, team, videos | No comments »

Salomon just put Louif Paradis, Jed Anderson, Bode Merrill, Scotty Arnold, Harrison Gordon, Chris Grenier, and Chris Carr, in an RV to see what would happen. Odds are it’s gonna be pretty rad. Careful, this screen shot may be NSFW which does not stand for New South Fuckin Wales aight? Via YoBeat.