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Last week was the start of the snowboard season in France with the classic ...
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Cult of Stacks

11 March 2011, 19.56 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, Skateboarding | No comments »

stacks 01 curatedmag1 Cult of Stacks
Beams T-Harjuku in Tokyo is hosting an exhibition from March 18 through the 31st celebrating 11 years of art from Stacks. Eric Elms, Kevin Lyons, Geoff McFetridge, Michael Leon, Evan Hecox, Paul Stec, Laura Leon, Steven Harrington, Nick Neubeck, Rick Myers, Paul Hutchison, Mark Owens, Bob Kronbauer, Matt Irving, Rob Abeyta Jr., Mike O’Meally, Jon Humphries, Joshua Petherick, Andy Jenkins, and Jonathan Zawada, Gillian Schwartz are included. Via Curated.