Solid group of dudes, awesome team, awesome video of Coalatree team in Puerto ...
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Michael Cohen
My buddy Evan Dennis did this dope short film a few years ago's for N.Y. ...
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Andrew Guan
Staring Vans China pro skater Cyres Wang, filmed by Tommy Zhao. ...
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Posts tagged ‘Foursquare’

Jake Burton Announces Massive Shakeups at Burton

23 October 2012, 18.46 | Posted in Skateboarding, business, snowboarding | 1 comment »

TWB1211 FCT 1 540x360 Jake Burton Announces Massive Shakeups at Burton
We could editorialize all day about this crazy news but its probably better you read it firsthand over at Transworld Business. The short version is that Forum, Foursquare and Special Blend are done after this season, Gravis is moving to Japan-only, Analog is moving back to a snow-only brand based in Vermont, and RED is being absorbed into anon. As fans of all these brands, we are bummed, the snow gods owe us some serious pow for this one.

#FORUM Trailer

01 October 2012, 15.09 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Forum/Special Blend/Foursquare isn’t going to win any awards for the name of their movie for this year, but if this trailer is an indication, #FORUM is definitely going to be in the running for Video of the Year. Hot damn this shit is fire!

Foursquare | Wet Plate Project – Andreas Wiig

13 October 2011, 13.27 | Posted in photography, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

To coincide with the launch of their new 2012 website, Foursquare has pioneered a photographic journey into snowboarding featuring first of its kind action imagery and a corresponding video called The Wetplate Project. Photographer Ian Ruhter creates each image on location by mixing Collodion, iodizes, bromides, ether, alcohol, silver nitrate, ferrous sulfate, and acids while applying them to a metal or glass plate. The final product is a one-of-a-kind original that cannot be matched by any other photographic process of our day. Check out Andreas Wiig in the first of five videos.

Forum 2012 Preview Event NYC

18 June 2011, 02.00 | Posted in Parties, snowboarding | 3 comments »

pat jj danny 540x360 Forum 2012 Preview Event NYC
Forum, Foursquare and Special Blend rolled deep into NYC this week bringing John Jackson and Pat Moore for a visit that culminated in a pool party at the Thompson LES hotel on Thursday night. Powered by TheGoodLife!, the party included floating snowboards, outerwear-clad mannequins lounging on beach chairs, complimentary drinks from Karlsson’s Gold Vodka and PBR, fiya from DJ smoke LES, and NYC’s finest in shred and media. Following the pool, the party moved upstairs to Above Allen where all hell broke loose until the break of dawn with the Frank151 and TheGoodLife! crews. More photos after the jump.

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Pat Moore | Everything Has a Purpose

11 October 2010, 13.14 | Posted in advertising, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Foursquare just dropped another “Everything Has a Purpose” commercial, this one featuring super shred x metal fiend Pat Moore.

Foursquare Launches 2011 Outerwear and Apparel Line

10 September 2010, 17.10 | Posted in apparel, outerwear, snowboarding | No comments »

FSQ Line Foursquare Launches 2011 Outerwear and Apparel Line
Its already September and that means snow is on its way. The team at Foursquare wants to make sure you’re ready and have launched its 2011 outerwear and apparel line. Check out their website to view the entire line.


Foursquare Launches 2011 Website

22 July 2010, 10.46 | Posted in Uncategorized, snowboarding, websites | No comments »

Foursquare web 2011 Foursquare Launches 2011 Website
Foursquare has launched its new 2011 Website. The site was built from the ground up with a focus on simplicity, ease of use, clean aesthetics and function. With a new new video section, the blog feed, and the team pages you can check it all out here.


Foursquare | Win Andrea Wiig’s Jacket

27 April 2010, 16.34 | Posted in contests, jackets, snowboarding | No comments »

AW contest 540x371 Foursquare | Win Andrea Wiigs Jacket
You’re gonna need some big shoulders to fill this Viking’s coat, but if you think you can wield it, Andreas Wiig is hooking somebody up with an autographed jacket. Hit up the Foursquare Facebook page until May 7th and post something eloquent about your love of jackets to try to be that special someone.

Special Blend x Forum x Foursquare Present: F’It

08 April 2010, 18.09 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

F It Rad Special Blend x Forum x Foursquare Present: FIt
As a follow up to last year’s Video of the Year Forever, Special Blend, Forum, and Foursquare have put all their cumulative star power behind F’It. In lieu of a trailer, they’ve released the following 7 tenets of F’It:

1. It’s overcast and didn’t snow as much as the forecast promised? F’ It. Wake up at 5am and sit in the clouds.
2. Just got broken off? F’ It. Send in the Youngbloods.
3. The cops shut you down after you set up the zone and were about to drop? F’ It. Go back at 3am.
4. The Canadian Border banned you from entering while it’s dumping in Whistler? F’ It. Pay a lawyer as much as it costs to fix it.
5. Your snowmobile just blew up in the alpine? F’ It. Light up the credit card on rental charges until it’s fixed.
6. You just flew across the country and the three feet of snow that was in the city melted overnight? F’ It. Pack up and drive all night to the next zone.
7. Sprained ankle? Broken back? Fractured foot? Blown shoulder? Concussion? Broken ribs? Sprained pelvis? Shattered heel? F’ It. Injuries happen … keep going.

F’It is set to drop Fall 2010.

Andreas Wiig on Foursquare

07 December 2009, 21.07 | Posted in outerwear, snowboarding, team | No comments »

Rad Collector - Andreas Wiig on Foursquare
Andreas Wiig continues to make move this week with the announcement that he is on Foursquare and now head to toe in The Program. When you envision the endless possibilities of throwing the mighty Viking into sessions with the likes of Peter Line, Eddie Wall, and Pat Moore it makes you less bummed that they used just about the same pic for both announcements. Just kidding, we’re not bummed.