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Posts tagged ‘Grizzly Griptape’

Grizzly x Starter Tie Dye Snapbacks

26 September 2013, 21.33 | Posted in hats, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

d81c9fbe26fb11e39cc822000a1f96e3 81 540x437 Grizzly x Starter Tie Dye Snapbacks
We predict that these Grizzly x Starter tie dye snapbacks are going to fly off the shelves come their October 2nd release date which makes us wonder if the exact cycle of tie dye’s acceptability can be quantitatively measured. And if the hippie who invented it has ever seen a dime. On second thought who cares, let’s blaze a fatty and go skate.

Grizzly Grip Tie Dye 5 Panels

27 June 2013, 15.20 | Posted in hats, Skateboarding | 2 comments »

GRIZZLY 540x439 Grizzly Grip Tie Dye 5 Panels
With summer officially here its also officially ok to start wearing tie dye and eating mushrooms all the time. The perfect topper to a psychedelic summer are these rad tie dye 5 panels from Grizzly. They’re limited so hit your local Grizzly dealer asap to get one.

Grizzly x Skotch Davis | On My Grizzly: Skotch Tape 2

05 August 2011, 15.50 | Posted in griptape, Music, Skateboarding | No comments »

SKOTCHTASTIC Grizzly x Skotch Davis | On My Grizzly: Skotch Tape 2
T-Puds has enlisted producer Skotch Davis to for a mixtape pumping Grizzly Griptape. “On My Grizzly” features M.Will the Shogun, Ghostwridah, Lunch Money, Hit Boy, Kent Money, 40THOUSAND, RC the Great, TP Beatz, and more. Peep the whole mix right here.

Grizzly Griptape by Diamond

18 April 2010, 21.35 | Posted in Accessories, griptape, Skateboarding | 34 comments »

griz1 Grizzly Griptape by Diamond
Diamond formally announced this weekend that they are about to shake up the griptape game with the launch of Grizzly Griptape with Torey Pudwill. Joining Pudwill on the Grizzly team will be P-Rod, Dyrdek, Andrew Brophy, and Guy Mariano. In other words, they can’t lose.