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LRG Introduces Felipe Gustavo

06 July 2010, 12.12 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

LRG drops their latest Stop Motion/Start Skating Visually Heard video to welcome Felipe Gustavo to the team. They just keep stacking up the Brasileiros over there, but with good cause, these dudes are butter.

LRG Introduces Tom Asta

21 June 2010, 17.39 | Posted in Skateboarding, team, videos | No comments »

For their next Visually Heard skate team intro, LRG hooked up another bit of genius from Tilman Singer, this time for Tom Asta. Things are only going to continue to get bigger and better for this kid.

LRG Flip Flops

18 June 2010, 12.17 | Posted in sandals | No comments »

To go with their boardshorts, LRG just dropped some flip flops as well. Just a friendly reminder to all dudes, sandals are for the beach, not the city. Some more after the jump.

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LRG Summer 2010 Board Shorts

18 June 2010, 09.37 | Posted in boardshorts | 1 comment »

LRG just dropped a big batch of board shorts. Although they aren’t nearly as technical as offerings from more surf-specific brands, they did do a nice job with all the graphics. And the bottle opener is key. What they need to do is come up with a waterproof lighter next. More looks after the jump.

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LRG Introduces Billy Marks

09 June 2010, 13.44 | Posted in Skateboarding, team, videos | No comments »

LRG just dropped another in their Visually Heard series, this time as a welcome to the team for Billy Marks. Glass Giraffes and Lou Reed make for a good combo.

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LRG Skate Introduces Tommy Sandoval

21 May 2010, 16.50 | Posted in Skateboarding, team, videos | No comments »

LRG dropped another Visually Heard this week, this time as an official introduction to Tommy Sandoval. This clip is fresh, and clearly influenced by the amazing “Skateboarding Shreds” by Tilman Singer. Also, if you happen to be on the west coast, LRG is having a blowout sample sale in Lake Forest, CA, details after the jump.

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LRG Skate Team Additions

07 May 2010, 15.03 | Posted in Skateboarding, team | No comments »

Following the successful release of their first skate flick “Give Me My Money Chico,” LRG is going in even further with their skate program, announcing today that Tommy Sandoval, Billy Marks and Tom Asta have been called up to join Karl Watson, Chico Brenes, Rob Gonzalez, Adelmo Jr., Jackson Curtin, Kelly Hart, Rodrigo Petersen, Rodrigo TX and Andrew Langi on the team. They are already at work on the next video.

LRG Snowboarding | Team Edit

03 May 2010, 16.44 | Posted in snowboarding, team, videos | 1 comment »

We’ve been bringing you clips introducing the individual members of LRG’s new snowboarding team. Here is the whole crew together: John Jackson, Justin Bennee, Chris Grenier and am Niko Cioffi. If LRG is starting things off like this, they are going to to well in the snow. Look for Bennee and Grenier in the new Videograss flick and Jackson and Cioffi in Forum’s F’it.

LRG | Give Me My Money Chico NYC Premiere Recap

01 May 2010, 15.18 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Last night LRG screened its first full length skate video “Give Me My Money Chico” in NYC. The full house crowd was amped and for good reason, the video is definitely a banger! Peep a couple shots of the premiere after the jump.

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LRG Give Me My Money Chico NYC Premiere

29 April 2010, 23.04 | Posted in films, premieres, Skateboarding | No comments »

LRG is bringing its new banger Give Me My Money Chico to NYC tomorrow night. Chico Brenes, Karl Watson, Rob Gonzalez, Adelmo Jr, Jackson Curtin, Rodrigo TX, Kelly Hart, Rodrigo Petersen, and Andrew Langi will all be in town for two showings, the second of which is open to the public. We’ll be there so expect a recap. Full info after the jump.

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