Laura Austin
Walking around most parts of downtown Los Angeles 5 years ago wouldn’t ...
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Dennis Williford is premiering his new skate video"SMEGMA" at Hotel Chantelle ...
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Michael Cohen
Save the Date "Snowboarding: For Me" Premieres in New York City, Sunshine ...
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Brian Deka Paupaw
Welcome back to another edition of "Why We shred" where I interview ...
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Meyerhoffer Surfboards | 2011 Line

13 April 2011, 13.41 | Posted in surfboards, surfing | 2 comments »

Meyerhoffer Meyerhoffer Surfboards | 2011 Line
Meyerhoffer Surfboards have released their new boards for 2011. The Original, Pill, and Lemondrop provide super high performance with the help of Thomas Meyerhoffer’s radical design elements. Get a closer look at the rest of the boards after the jump.

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