Brian Deka Paupaw
The homies down at Aegir Boardworks have teamed up with Globe and Surfing ...
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Andrew Guan
Chris Cole and Sean Malto were invited to the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic ...
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Michael Cohen
Monday Night Is SKATE Night! hosted by Big Jim, Somdusca and Alex Corporan. ...
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Long time friend Trent Hazelwood, just went pro for 1031 Skateboards. Filmed ...
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Posts tagged ‘neckface’

Neckface x PCP

11 September 2013, 13.18 | Posted in Art | 1 comment »

cs NeckFace BothPrints Sept20131 540x405 Neckface x PCP
Following his recent show in LA (which you can peep a lil of on our Instagram) Neckface is releasing two limited edition prints with Poster Child Prints. Both are rad, but “Your Last Post Bitch” is particularly resonant in the Facebook era . Go here to get one and hit the jump for more images.

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Vans | Time and Space : Neckface Episode 1

21 July 2011, 16.55 | Posted in craze, videos | No comments » spends some time with Neckface. In this episode of Time and Space, Neckface tells a tale of a rat fight he promoted behind a Petco. Enjoy.

30 Years of Thrasher in Paris

08 July 2011, 12.00 | Posted in Art, Skateboarding, photography, videos | No comments »

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Neckface gives you a rolling tour of the 30 Years of Thrasher photo exhibit in Paris. Get a look at the goods with commentary from Andrew Reynolds and Spanky.

Neck Face for Altamont 2011 Spring

25 February 2011, 19.40 | Posted in Skateboarding, apparel, collabs | 2 comments »

neck face for altamont 2011 spring 00 Neck Face for Altamont 2011 Spring
Altamont has teamed up with their homie Neckface for some pieces in their Spring 2011 collection. The pieces include a jacket, hockey jersey, t-shirt, and a over-head beanie. Get a closer look after the jump. Via mashKULTURE.

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Neckface Halloween Art Show Shred

29 December 2010, 14.20 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Neckface had the Baker Boys come out and skate the warehouse during the process of building his art show this past Halloween. Check out the session that ends with a face full of cake.

Neckface Into Darkness Video

02 November 2010, 20.34 | Posted in Art, Parties, videos | 1 comment »

Our brohams at Highsnobiety TV and UX Entertainment connected for this video recap from Neckface’s “Into Darkness” haunted Halloween opening in LA with Supreme, Altamont, and OHWOW including a shoutout from the artist himself.

Neckface x Altamont | Enter Darkness Tee

02 November 2010, 14.03 | Posted in collabs, t-shirts | No comments »

NECKFACE Altamont tee back Neckface x Altamont | Enter Darkness Tee
Neckface had his big haunted art show in LA this weekend (stay tuned for the video) and did this limited edition t-shirt with Altamont for the occasion. Above is the back, check out the flip side after the jump.

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Neckface Into Darkness

18 October 2010, 18.11 | Posted in Parties, videos | No comments »

Altamont, Supreme and Vans are getting together to throw one fuck of a Halloween party with Neckface in LA this year. The video is pretty self explanatory.

Altamont x Agenda

Rad Collector - Altamont x Agenda
Altamont is going to be at Agenda in Huntington Beach this week to show off all of their new artist collaborations for Spring 2010. You know they don’t play -they’ve got Ralph Steadman, Invisible:Man, Tim Kerr, Neckface, and No Age. Come back Wednesday for some looks at the collection.

KCDC x Neckface x Vans Chukka Lows | Final Pairs

24 June 2009, 17.31 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, artist collaboration, shops | 2 comments »

Rad Collector - KCDC x Neckface x Vans Chukka Lows
Like the opening of Al Capone’s vaults, but this time with something of value actually inside of them, KCDC has just put the last few remaining pairs of their Chukka Low collab with Vans and Neckface out for sale. You better go hard to Brooklyn if you want to get a pair of these.

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