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Posts tagged ‘Nicolas Muller’

Nike Snowboarding | Get Ready to Ride

14 October 2013, 11.42 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Wouldn’t it be cool if Nicolas Muller was the president? And not just of the USA, but like president of the world. You can’t say it wouldn’t be a way better place.

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Nicolas Muller on Nixon

11 December 2012, 11.28 | Posted in Watches, snowboarding, team | 1 comment »

It only takes a minute of watching Nico Muller going bezerk in the backcountry to make us want to hang up the laptop and embark on a global search for pow for the rest of of lives. Then we remember that he’s Nicolas Muller and we’re not. Damn.

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Nixon x Electric | Get Some Trouble

02 April 2012, 13.01 | Posted in collab, lifestyle, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Nixon x Electric present their latest collaboration “Get Some Trouble”, a webisode featuring Trouble Andrew on a 3-day journey around the European X Games 2012 in Tignes, France. Peep how the Trouble Gang gets down and check their ill park session with Nicolas Muller.

Redbull | Nicolas Müller Is Keeping It Real

10 February 2012, 13.30 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

‎In this edit from Redbull Nicolas Müller talks about what snowboarding means to him. He’s not after medals and perfect scores but good times with friends and progression are atop his list. Ya Dig!?

Nike Snowboarding | Nicolas Muller Zoom Kaiju

12 January 2012, 08.59 | Posted in boots, snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

You saw the misty teaser, now peep the full length version of Nico Muller’s video campaign for the Nike Zoom Kaiju QS. As with anything he does, he does it completely his way. Snowboarding needs more of this.

Nike Snowboarding | Zoom Kaiju Muller Teaser

14 December 2011, 23.07 | Posted in boots, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

The teaser for Nico Muller’s new signature Nike Zoom Kaiju begs the question – which came first, the chicken or the egg? Hmmm. The riddle unveils later this month.

Nike Snowboarding 2011 Preview

30 January 2010, 21.08 | Posted in boots, snowboarding | 5 comments »

nike4 Nike Snowboarding 2011 Preview
Nike Snowboarding is also in Denver this week, posted up in an undisclosed downtown location. In addition to talking about the latest legend-in-the-making to be added to their team, Nico Muller, Nike previewed some new outerwear pieces and ridiculously dope DK and Zoom Kaiju boots. An Andre Agassi snowboard boot? Too next level. Three more boots and an outerwear peek after the jump.

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Tracking Eero | Japan Episode

10 December 2009, 11.05 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

Continuing on his televised global shred trek known as “Tracking Eero,” Eero Ettala next hit Japan alongside of Kevin Pearce and Nico Muller prior to winning his second Toyota Big Air. The crew lucked out and got dumped on every single day as you can see is this ridiculously powder filled clip. The full episode drops on Fuel on January 3, check your local listings aight?

Nicolas Muller x Men’s Health Russia

24 November 2009, 17.34 | Posted in Random, magazines, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Nicolas Muller x Men's Health Russia
This is kinda crazy and kinda makes sense at the same time. Nicolas Muller is a very healthy dude which would make him a perfect candidate to be on the cover of a magazine called Men’s Health. On the other hand, have you ever seen what the dudes look like that are usually on the cover of the magazine called Men’s Health? Clearly they have a slightly different editorial direction in Russia. A bigger version of the cover after the jump. Via the Absinthe blog.

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Arcus | Northstar Squad

11 March 2009, 20.53 | Posted in Denim, Music, apparel, hats, outerwear, snowboarding | 2 comments »

Rad Collector - Arcus Northstar
For Spring 2009, musicians Kukoo da baga bonez, DJ Style Warz, Dr.Fad-R and Mouss MC have teamed up with Swiss pro snowboarders Fredi Kalbermatten and Nicholas Muller to create the “Northstar Squad” a music inspired division of their Arcus clothing brand. The collection features New Era fitteds, jackets, hoodies, tees, and denim. Kukoo has also released a CD, Da Grustler, to coincide with the delivery of the Northstar Squad line, available here. More looks after the jump.

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