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Nigel Sylvester x Gatorade | Go All Day Phoenix

14 July 2010, 12.21 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Gatorade continues with their rad “Go All Day” videos, dropping another featuring Nigel Sylvester. For this installment, Nigel is far from his home in Queens and ripping up shit in the dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona two months after his first jaunt in the desert ended with a visit to the emergency room. Check out more on Nigel’s new site, NigelRidesAllDay. Video by Ryan Navazio.

Nigel Sylvester x Gatorade | Go All Day

03 June 2010, 19.03 | Posted in bmx, lifestyle, videos | 1 comment »

Although he’s had more “day in the life” videos than almost any athlete out there, when you have a life like Nigel Sylvester, there’s never a shortage of material for another. Nigel’s latest “Go All Day” from Gatorade is by far the raddest yet. From shredding mad spots in the city to an impromptu photo shoot at 21 Mercer with none other than Mel D. Cole to a late night wile out at BOB, Nigel gets it in. If you are from NY you’ll recognize mad people in this video, if you’re not you’ll appreciate it for its sick cinematography and banger backing track from Donnis.

Nigel Sylvester by Mel D Cole

14 April 2010, 19.13 | Posted in bmx, films, photography | No comments »

Speaking of Mel D Cole, the photographer was also asked recently by Nigel Sylvester to play a photog in Sylvester’s new short film. In playing a lensman, Cole actually shot Sylvester and will be releasing the set tomorrow on Village Slum.

Nigel Sylvester x Mirraco | Flick Trix Replica

30 March 2010, 00.45 | Posted in bmx, toys | 4 comments »

Yes BMX riders have their very own tech decks, they are called Flick Trix and they’ve just hooked up a mini version of Nigel Sylvester’s “Chocolate” Mirraco frame ready for serious finger shredding. Authentic right down to the stickers, each bike’s got working cranks, interchangeable wheels, pedals, handle bars, grips and seatposts. You can cop them now at all the major toy stores. Another look after the jump.

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13th Witness x Nigel Sylvester | Escape From Tomorrow

12 November 2009, 11.44 | Posted in bmx, lifestyle, videos | No comments »

Between 6.0, Gatorade, and the Maestro, Nigel Sylvester has been getting more internet face time than Kanye. But you can’t say the kid doesn’t deserve it. Next up is this “Day in the Life” project Nigel did with 13th Witness, who told us how it came together, “I was shooting with the Maestro for his final NYC episode of “Maestro Knows” and Maestro called Nigel to come hang out. We were taking pictures and fucking around and we exchanged info. I had been wanting to make something action packed so I said ‘fuck that, I need to make a video with this guy.’ We met up, shot it and there it is.” Expect more to be bubblin from both of these talented dudes.

Nigel Sylvester x Nike 6.0 | Chocolate Mavrk

27 October 2009, 12.15 | Posted in bmx, collabs, Sneakers, special editions | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Nigel Sylvester x Nike 6.0 Chocolate Mavrk
When you’re on fire, you’re on fire. In more Nigel Sylvester news, the Queens ripper is dropping an exclusive new Mavrk-Mid next Monday with Dan’s Comp. Dubbed as “Chocolate, but for your feet,” Nigel hooked this kick up from top to bottom with black on black detailing, stingray leather swooshes in alternating gold and black, and an ice gel toe bumper with quilted purple lining, what?! Not bananas enough – the right foot has a toe box sewn in ostrich leather while the left is pure croc. Seriously. Good luck getting a pair of these. More looks after the jump.

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Nigel Sylvester | Because I Grind Pt. 2

27 October 2009, 12.03 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

As promised, here is part two of the Nigel x Gatorade “Because I Grind” series. Nigel, man, big things.

Nigel Sylvester | Because I Grind Pt. 1

26 October 2009, 13.50 | Posted in bmx, lifestyle, videos | No comments »

BMX G Nigel Sylvester and the other G, Gatorade, recently went on a tour of the US called “Because I Grind.” Touching down in Hotlanta, MIA, Oceanside, California, and Las Vegas, Nigel and his crew chopped it up with local riders and took in the unique flavor of each spot. Now’s he connected with none other than The Alchemist for a series of videos from the tour. Part one is above. Stay tuned for parts 2-4 later today.

Deathbowl to Downtown Sold Out

21 October 2009, 16.27 | Posted in bmx, films, Random, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Deathbowl to Downtown Sold Out
This is pretty random but a great example of how shit just be poppin in the city. Shut Skate Mechanics sold out of the Deathbowl to Downtown DVD’s we told you about last week. Which isn’t much news in itself until you learn that none other than Nigel Sylvester got the last copy. Small world yo! They should have more in later this week.

Nike 6.0 x The Selby Launch

05 October 2009, 17.01 | Posted in artist collaboration, lifestyle, photography, videos | No comments »

The anticipated collaborative project between Nike 6.0 and Todd Selby goes live on Selby’s site tomorrow. Until then you can catch a sneak preview of exclusive photos and videos from Selby’s shoots with Ben Horan, Nigel Sylvester, Garrett Reynolds, James Stewart, Mason Aguirre, and Michel Bourez right over here.