Brian Deka Paupaw
The homies down at Aegir Boardworks have teamed up with Globe and Surfing ...
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Andrew Guan
Chris Cole and Sean Malto were invited to the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic ...
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Michael Cohen
Monday Night Is SKATE Night! hosted by Big Jim, Somdusca and Alex Corporan. ...
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Long time friend Trent Hazelwood, just went pro for 1031 Skateboards. Filmed ...
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Posts tagged ‘nigel sylvester’

Nigel Sylvester X NiceGuys

08 September 2009, 08.20 | Posted in Music, Parties, bmx, shops, videos | No comments »

Word to H Town. Check out this vid from Evesborough Films featuring the NiceGuys at their event with Gatorade and Nigel Sylvester at The Tipping Point a little while back. Man, Houston really got it crackin, that has to be the meanest bunch of birds at a BMX party ever!

New Nigel Sylvester Nike 6.0 Ad | The Details

28 August 2009, 13.54 | Posted in advertising, bmx, videos | No comments »

Nigel Sylvester keeps killing it as the reigning king of BMX media exposure. Right on the pegs of his latest Gatorade commercial, Nike 6.0 has released this spot for their upcoming Holiday 09 apparel collection campaign. Short and fly, it’s a continuation of Nigel’s commitment to reppin hard for NY. Once again, peep the cameo by the Brooklyn Banks. If only those walls could receive royalties.

Nigel Sylvester x Gatorade | Heart of the City

21 August 2009, 15.35 | Posted in bmx, videos | 1 comment »

bT*xJmx*PTEyNTA4OTQwMTA*MjEmcHQ9MTI1MDg5NDAxNTc2NSZwPTUxMDU1MSZkPU1pc3Npb25HLmNvbSZnPTImbz1iMmRkZjJjNmFkYmE*ZGZiYWY2NGUzMjg1MDY4ZTRlNCZvZj*w Nigel Sylvester x Gatorade | Heart of the City
Nigel Sylvester has a new Gatorade edit out called “Heart of the City,” a nice homage to not only QB but shredding NYC in general. You’ve got to give it up to the big G, this video is pretty official and very true to the city experience. The best parts are the Hasids Nigel passes on the Williamsburg bridge and the cats with the blurred out faces outside of Format. What are they, fugitives?

Nike 6.0 x Todd Selby | Garrett Reynolds and Nigel Sylvester

13 August 2009, 13.08 | Posted in apparel, artist collaboration, bmx, photography | No comments »

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 x Todd Selby Garret Reynolds and Nigel Sylvester
Next up in the Nike 6.0 x Todd Selby Campaign are Garrett Reynolds and Nigel Sylvester, arguably 6.0’s two biggest names. Selby did a sick job with these, catching Nigel up in QB and Garret chillaxing in Dirty Jerz – Tom’s River to be exact. All the shots after the jump. Via Defgrip.

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Nike 6.0 BMX “Beat Gas”

30 June 2009, 18.36 | Posted in bmx, environment, videos | No comments »

Nike 6.0 BMX has joined the fight against the planet’s over reliance on gasoline by teaming up with Beat Gasoline, an organization trying to reduce gas use. To launch their campaign they dropped this rad PSA of Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, Nigel Sylvester, and Mike Spinner ripping around London and demonstrating what we all know is true: skating or riding any city is way more fun than driving a car. They are also running a contest for the best home made videos illustrating this point. Winners will get product and a donation to charities of their choice. Go here to enter.

Nigel Sylvester x Mark Losey

29 June 2009, 19.11 | Posted in bmx, interviews, photography, videos | No comments »

bT*xJmx*PTEyNDYyOTc4NzM5NzQmcHQ9MTI*NjI5Nzg4MTg2NCZwPTUxMDU1MSZkPU1pc3Npb25HLmNvbSZnPTImdD*mbz1iMmRkZjJjNmFkYmE*ZGZiYWY2NGUzMjg1MDY4ZTRlNCZvZj*w Nigel Sylvester x Mark Losey
Gatorade’s Mission G is doing a pretty good job of producing some interesting content surrounding their action sports athletes. Here they have Nigel Sylvester and photographer Mark Losey talking about how they do what they do – shred and make it look dope. Check it out.

Nike 6.0 Shanghai X Games Edit

09 June 2009, 17.12 | Posted in Competitions, bmx, videos | No comments »

Garrett Reynolds and Nigel Sylvester were just over in China showing heads how its supposed to be done at the Kia X Games Asia and Nike 6.0 has released this dope little edit to show us how it all went down. Although rain got in the way a bit Reynolds snatched his 7th X Games gold for BMX Park despite having his bike lost by the airline on his way to Shanghai. That’s some focus yo.

Nigel Sylvester x New Era

01 June 2009, 17.57 | Posted in bmx, collabs, hats | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Nigel Sylvester x New Era
Nigel Sylvester has been pushing the profile of BMX riding for a minute. Between Nike 6.0, Gatorade, MirraCo and his QB shop Format, the kid’s got his hands full. Not full enough apparently. Nigel recently appeared in a episode of Strictly Fitteds TV with a never seen before 59Fifty. The crocodile eating a BMX bike motif is meant to convey ““Beasting out on each session,” and the purple is just dope. No info yet as to a release date for this one. Via Strictly Fitteds.

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Nigel Sylvester | Fuel TV Teaser

23 April 2009, 16.57 | Posted in advertising, bmx, videos | No comments »
Queens legend-in-the-making Nigel Sylvester is quickly turning into BMX’s most prolific media star. He’s got a huge Nike 6.0 push, Gatorade’s in his camp, and now Fuel goes all out with this teaser from the ice planet of Hoth. Sick. Via Mirraco.

Nike iD x Format | Scavenger Hunt

06 April 2009, 19.07 | Posted in Sneakers, bmx, shops | No comments »
This Saturday, April 11, Nike iD is teaming up with Nigel Sylvester for “Show and Prove,” a sneaker scavenger hunt at Nigel’s store Format in Queens. 25 teams of two will compete for the chance to customize some Air Force One’s. Registration deadline is today! Go here for more info.