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Jake Blauvelt on Oakley Apparel

23 February 2010, 17.41 | Posted in apparel, team | No comments »

blavelt 540x269 Jake Blauvelt on Oakley Apparel
Rider’s rider Jake Blauvelt has just been put on to Oakley’s Pro Rider Series apparel team. Although its hard to believe, he’s already been on Oakley eyewear for ten years and now he will be leading the direction of Oakley apparel along with Eero Ettala and Eiki Helgason. Thats some good shit. Go here for more.

Oakley 21 X Games Medals

02 February 2010, 23.41 | Posted in awards, Competitions, snowboarding | No comments »

snowboard banner 540x213 Oakley 21 X Games Medals
Oakley definitely knows how to pick their competitive athletes. The big O took a total of 21 medals at Winter X 14 this past weekend including 10 golds, 6 silvers, and 5 bronze. From Gretchen Bleiler and Shaun White to Halldor Helgason and Eero Ettala, the whole team was on fire. You can peep Oakley’s big X photo gallery here.

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Rootbeer Blue Iridium Frogskins

01 February 2010, 15.45 | Posted in special editions, sunglasses | 3 comments »

24 210 540x230 Rootbeer Blue Iridium Frogskins
Oakley is dropping another variation of their buttery brown Rootbeer Frogskin frame. The Rootbeer Cyan Fade with Blue Iridium drops on February 10th and will no doubt promptly sell out.

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Oakley Anti-Freeze Frogskins

11 January 2010, 16.32 | Posted in special editions, sunglasses | 1 comment »

green oakley Oakley Anti Freeze Frogskins
The other standout piece at the Oakley booth at Agenda were these transparent slime green Frogskins. Dubbed, “Anti Freeze,” there is a rumor that if you were tapped in the backcountry with a stalled out sled, you could melt these down for one last chance at getting the engine started. They will be sold out before they drop. Another look after the jump.

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Oakley x Primitive | P-Rod Frogskin

09 January 2010, 11.42 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding, sunglasses | 7 comments »

prod oakley Oakley x Primitive | P Rod Frogskin
Another banger from Agenda this weekend is P-Rod’s Primitive x Oakley Frogskin. Just like his Primitive Nixon from a little while back, the Frogskin comes in P-Rizzle’s trademark purple. Take a closer look after the jump.

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Tracking Eero BC Episode #2

21 December 2009, 21.22 | Posted in snowboarding, tv | No comments »

For the second portion of Eero’s Ettala’s time in British Columbia filming for “Tracking Eero”, he really got the trip of a lifetime, full-on pow sessions with living legend Terje Haakonsen and buck wile young buck Jake Blauvelt. Here’s a teaser until the full thing comes out next year. Tracking Eero airs on Fuel on Sunday’s at 8:30.

Oakley Arctic Challenge Postponed

14 December 2009, 14.59 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

tac 540x264 Oakley Arctic Challenge Postponed
In some news that is sure to be disappointing to everyone from riders to environmentalists to the shred dogs counting on a “Blonde Avalanche” New Year’s party, it’s just been announced that the Oakley Arctic Challenge has been postponed until March. The format change to slopestyle didn’t help things but it seems most likely that humanity’s continued disregard for global warming is the true culprit. The official statement said this:

To protect the partners investments in TAC, the organization decided today
to postpone the event to March. Warmer temperatures than normal in both
November and December has made it impossible to produce enough snow.

Hopefully they are back in business for the new projected date of March 5.

Tracking Eero | Japan Episode

10 December 2009, 11.05 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

Continuing on his televised global shred trek known as “Tracking Eero,” Eero Ettala next hit Japan alongside of Kevin Pearce and Nico Muller prior to winning his second Toyota Big Air. The crew lucked out and got dumped on every single day as you can see is this ridiculously powder filled clip. The full episode drops on Fuel on January 3, check your local listings aight?

Tracking Eero | Russia Episode

01 December 2009, 12.48 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

Ever since the days of Red Dawn, it’s been every kid’s dream to get behind the Iron Curtain and see what Russia is all about. Now in the modern day, we also know that they have faucets that flow vodka, women who’s sense of their own beauty totally escapes them, and tons of shreddable terrain. This is exactly why Eero Ettala’s raddest episode of his “Tracking Eero” series is the Russia Episode. Peep some highlights above and after the jump hear Eero talk about Russia in his own words. Dasvidaniya.

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Eero Ettala “Tracking Eero” Video Part

17 November 2009, 18.05 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

With Mack Dawg not doing a film this year Eero Ettala was looking at having the first season in a long time without a video part. Luckily he just spent half a year filming for his TV show “Tracking Eero” and had mad footage to synch up into a video part of his own. Good thinking dude! Here it is, what he’s calling “one of the most well rounded video parts I have ever put out.”