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Travis Rice x Quiksilver | Signature Goggles

01 February 2010, 18.26 | Posted in goggles, Pro Models, snowboarding | 2 comments »

As promised, here is Travis Rice’s signature goggle for 2011. Both the case and frame lock up with the print on T-Rice’s 2011 outerwear kit. More looks after the jump.

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Travis Rice x Quiksilver | Backcountry Pack

01 February 2010, 17.55 | Posted in Packs & Bags, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Quiksilver had a particularly strong showing at SIA, quite a bit having to do with Travis Rice’s growing collection of signature products. This burly blaze orange backcountry pack was so bright it was almost impossible to photograph. We’ll have T-Rice’s outerwear and goggles in the next few posts. More looks after the jump.

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Quiksilver Cypher Series

27 January 2010, 20.54 | Posted in boardshorts, surfing | No comments »

Boardshort experts Quiksilver, having already pushed the tech bubble with Diamond Dobby last year, are at it again with the release of their new Cypher Series. Guided by Kelly Slater, the Cypher Series has every available tech innovation built in from the new Diamond Dobby DLX to super fast QuickDry material and Perfect Stretch memory fabric to give you the best possible chafe-free surf experience. A couple more styles after the jump.

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Quiksilver x Autumn | NYC Videos

15 December 2009, 13.43 | Posted in collabs, retail, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Late this summer, Quiksilver came to NYC and hooked up a dope pop up shop / mini ramp / art space with the Autumn crew. Located at 201 Mulberry, the spot morphed into the epicenter of the NYC skate world for a few days and was an example of a perfectly executed project. They produced a series of videos documenting the whole process which are now all up on GrindTV. Check out five episodes in all.

Eddie Aikau Invitational Recap

10 December 2009, 17.38 | Posted in Competitions, surfing | No comments »

Rad Collector - Eddie Aikau Invitational Recap
The Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Invitational went down in Waimea, Hawaii on Tuesday, 25 years to the day from the first contest dedicated to the memory of one of Hawaii’s most fearless big-wave riders. The 50 foot waves that also showed up for the contest turned it into one of the gnarliest showdowns in recent history and resulted in an amazing 100 point score for both Greg Long and Ramon Navarro (shredding craze above). The 100 pointer put Long on top of Kelly Slater for the win and $55,000 while Navarro’s scored him 5th place and the Monster Drop Award. Check out full results and photos by Lyndsey Wong after the jump.

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Andre x Quiksilver Deck

Andre x Quiksilver Deck
The last thing to come from the massive Tony Hawk Show x Quiksilver 40th anniversary jumpoff in Paris last weekend is this limited edition deck by Andre. Far doper than your average limited edition but still mass produced piece, these decks were hand painted by Andre on-site at the Grand Palais and were only available to people who were there. As long as Andre’s star continues to rise and Tony Hawk doesn’t murder anyone, or even if he does, these are gonna be worth some loot.

Tony Hawk Show Paris Recap

24 November 2009, 20.00 | Posted in Events, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Tony Hawk Show Paris Recap
Between X Games and everything Danny Way does, it would seem that skateboarding could go no bigger. Well with Tony Hawk at the helm of the massive Quiksilver empire on their 40th anniversary you best believe, anything can and did happen. The preview shots we showed you did no justice to the scene at the Grand Palais once it was filled with funk of thousands of spliff rolling French people. Imagine the Smithsonian in Washington or City Hall in NYC mobbed with drunken shredders going off. That’s right you can’t, because it would never happen. But that’s the beauty of France, anything goes. The day started with a street contest dominated by Bastien Salabanzi followed by Eero Antilla, and Chris Pfanner but then quickly escalated into all out craze, first with a fashion show featuring 40 of Quik’s top athletes like Kelly Slater, Travis Rice, and Alex Olson, and then onto the main event. With Busy P on the decks, Tony, Sergie Ventura, Jesse Fritsch, Andy Mac, Sandro Dias, Jean Postec, Kevin Staab, and Lyn-Z Adams gave a once in a lifetime performance that included a rare 900 from Tony and Lyn-Z’s first ever McTwist. When the show was over, every major athlete in the Quicksilver organization and about 1000 lucky beautiful people and shred-heads got to party til almost dawn to the sounds of Mix Master Mike and the ambiance of a maison du burlesque. It was off the hook. Hit up ESPN Skateboarding for additional photos and video or stay here and hit up some more pics after the jump, either way is all good.

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Tony Hawk Show Paris | Venue Preview

21 November 2009, 10.10 | Posted in Events, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Tony Hawk Show Paris Venue Preview
The Tony Hawk Show is only a few hours away and Paris is on fire like it’s the World Series and the SuperBowl combined. It’s crazy, everyone has skate fever and the venue is close to being the sickest of all time, for real. Check out these preview shots from the Grand Palais that illustrate just how bananas this thing is going to be. More after the jump.

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Quiksilver Cypher Backpack

03 November 2009, 11.56 | Posted in Packs & Bags, surfing | No comments »

Rad Collector - Quiksilver Cypher Backpack
Quiksilver has some heat in store for Spring/Summer 2010. First up is the Cypher Backpack. An absolute necessity if you live anywhere near the beach, the Cypher comes with an insane array of surf-specific features that fall just short of it being able to convert into a wetsuit and paddling you out to sea. In addition to rock solid anti-corrosion equipped materials, the bag also includes a removable waterproof dry bag, waterproof laptop sleeve, wax stash, fleece valuable pockets, and a collapsible changing mat so you never even have to get sand in your toes if you don’t want to. Surf’s up every day with this thing for real. Detailed looks after the jump.

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Quiksilver Justin Brock Ltd Edition Chino

26 October 2009, 18.57 | Posted in pants, Skateboarding, special editions | No comments »

Rad Collector - Quiksilver Justin Brock Ltd Edition Chino
Shiiit, this is dope. To celebrate Justin Brock’s jump up to official pro status, Quiksilver didn’t just make some sort of e-card and send it out, they took it to the next level and hooked up an exclusive limited edition chino for him. Only 60 pairs of these Unions with the North Cackalacky flag on the back are available right here. More looks after the jump.

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