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Agenda LB | 686 x Scion Racing – “Numeric” Closer Look

13 January 2012, 13.12 | Posted in cars, collabs, craze, snowboarding | No comments »

IMG 8277 Agenda LB | 686 x Scion Racing   “Numeric”  Closer Look
We got a chance to take a up close sneak peek look at the 686 x Scion “Numeric” Snowboarding concept car. This ride comes equipped with New Balance tires, a Bern protective carbon fiber helmet/roof, Dragon’s APX frameless goggle as a windshield, and GoPro POV side-mirrors, just to name a few of the special features. This joint is a beast and we wouldn’t mind whipping it around at all. Hit the jump for some more looks.

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686 x Scion Racing | “Numeric” Snowboarding Concept Car

15 November 2011, 00.15 | Posted in cars, collabs, snowboarding | No comments »

686 scion numeric snowboard car 8 686 x Scion Racing | “Numeric” Snowboarding Concept Car
686 continues their progressive streak with the release today of images of their ill new concept car with Scion. The Numeric is a car completely dedicated in concept to the snowboarding lifestyle and while it’s impossible to read the description of brand-specific modifications without getting inspired, the one major challenge we see for this vehicle is actually getting it to the mountain (the clearance looks a little low). Regardless, its a dope idea. See and read more on Highsnobiety.

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Radcollector Ride Test: Scion iQ

31 August 2011, 12.32 | Posted in cars | 1 comment »

Last week Radcollector got the chance to preview the new Scion iQ, Scion’s answer to the Smart Car. The little bad boy turned out to be way radder than we thought it would with features like GPS, seven variable interior light colors, and a pretty banging system packed into a car only ten feet in length. But our favorite feature of the $15,000 whip was easily its ability to pull instant U-turns using its 12.9 foot turning radius. Check it out as Pete Williams demonstrates above. Peep some more pics after the jump as well as over on Highsnobiety.

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Scion x Boundless | Scion Partners

15 March 2011, 11.30 | Posted in promo, shops, Skateboarding | No comments »

Boundless ny 5 Scion x Boundless | Scion Partners
Scion, a car company that has impressively been able to morph themselves into a bona fide lifestyle brand, has just dropped a new program with NYC’s Boundless to hook up members with discounts and other perks. It’s part of nation wide alliance of top shops and brands called Scion Partners all offering special deals regardless of whether you have a car or not. Other included brands/shops are In4mation, StatusKicks, Tactics, and a shitload more. Go here for membership info.