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On April 12th, Friends of Douglas Greene and Homage Brooklyn joined together to ...
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Michael Cohen
SHUT AM Jason Klotz's Part from a brand that never took off called SIICK so ...
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JZ Radical
Milkmade is featuring the 5-week tour I took through Eastern Europe last ...
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Andrew Guan
A quick visit to Vans Headquarter in California, thanks Glenn Brumage help me ...
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Brian Deka Paupaw
Welcome back to part two of my Brazilian Hip Hop series. If you missed Part one ...
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Posts tagged ‘Shut Skates’

The Golden Skateboard

31 March 2014, 09.02 | Posted in Art, Skateboarding, completes | 1 comment »

the golden skateboard image 6 540x359 The Golden Skateboard
Skateboards have been used for art in nearly every form and fashion over the past 50 years, now NYC based skateboarder and artist Matthew Willet has elevated skateboard art to a whole new level. May we present: The Golden Skateboard. A 100% Hard Rock Maple SHUT deck electro plated with 99.999% gold, this masterpiece features full functional components and is polished to a mirror finish. With only 6 in existence priced at $15,000, it’s the perfect opportunity for a qualified collector (or Lil Wayne) to demonstrate their true love for skateboarding. For purchase info go here and hit the jump for detailed looks.

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SHUT 100 Year Anniversary Ad

28 February 2014, 10.43 | Posted in Skateboarding, advertising | 1 comment »

SHUT SURF 2 SHUT 100 Year Anniversary Ad
SHUT is celebrating their 100th anniversary a little early, you know, in case the apocalypse hits before they actually get there, with a rad ad in the new Thrasher. Hit the jump to see the full page. New SHUT site launches next week.

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Red Bull Streets & Avenues | Luis Tolentino

15 October 2013, 13.06 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

RC fam Luis Tolentino is the subject of another Red Bull content piece, this one as part of their “Streets & Avenues” series. Besides the cameo from columnist Michael Cohen, our favorite moment has to be hearing the increasingly philosophical Luis describe skateboarding as “having a conversation with your skateboard.” Watch and understand.

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SHUT Marbleized Series

14 August 2013, 15.18 | Posted in Skateboarding, decks | 1 comment »

Marble Group SHUT Marbleized Series
SHUT has dropped a drop end of summer release today with the 5 deck “Marbleized” series. Designed by Matt Willet and Patrick Grady for SHUT, each sports a tonal logo graphic over a marble texture image and are of course 100% 7 ply Maple and made in the U.S.A. Individual looks after the jump.

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SHUT Heather Beanies

12 February 2013, 16.32 | Posted in Skateboarding, hats | 1 comment »

SHUT beanie 2 540x285 SHUT Heather Beanies
SHUT has added four new beanies to their product line. The essential headwear pieces come in four delightful shades of heather and have arrived just in time for winter’s actual descent onto the Big Apple. Get them at SHUT Skate Mechanics now. The other two after the jump.

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Vans | The Collaboratory- Rodney Smith- Part 2

07 November 2011, 12.16 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

In this second installment from Vans, we meet up with Rodney Smith, Eli Gessner, Chris Pastras and Alyasha Owerka-Moore and talk about the birth of Shut skateboards and the evolution of skateboarding on the East Coast.

Redbull x SHUT | Luis Tolentino Day

08 August 2011, 19.16 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

P1080069 Redbull x SHUT | Luis Tolentino Day
Stepping up their support of Queens’ ollie king, Redbull got together with SHUT for a day with Luis Tolentino at the SHUT Skate Mechanics store. Not only did Luis give some love to the next generation but he also acid dropped off the top of the Redbull truck right on Orchard street.

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SHUT x ACE Hotel | Skate Movie Night

20 June 2011, 23.50 | Posted in Events, Skateboarding, films | No comments »

ace9 540x360 SHUT x ACE Hotel | Skate Movie Night
Last night Radcollector was proud to sponsor the first SHUT Skate Movie Night at the ACE Hotel in NYC. Luminaries like Mike Parillo, Michael Halsband, and Chad Muska posted up in the packed basement of the hotel as Alex Corporan (who is also designing a Full Bleed room at the ACE) and SHUT’s Michael Cohen hosted an evening of free PBR, product giveaways and a walk down NYC skate memory lane with Deathbowl to Downtown. Check out our gallery of images from the night by Taji Ameen after the jump.

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Vans OTW.tv | The Collaboratory – Rodney Smith

16 June 2011, 17.10 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Check out our homie and east coast skateboard pioneer, Rodney Smith the first episode of The Collaboratory from Vans OTW.tv. Rodney is the founder of Shut Skateboards and Zoo York and a NYC skate legend and in this episode some of the original Shut crew describes him and what he meant to many people during the rise of east coast skateboarding.

SHUT on ABC News

03 March 2011, 13.23 | Posted in Skateboarding, news, videos | No comments »

As part of ABC’s on going series “Made in America“, news goddess Sandra Bookman visited our homies at Shut whose decks are all made in America and proudly state “American wood, American made.” Check out the interview that features Shut founder Rodney Smith, co-owner Adam Schatz & skater Shawn Powers.