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Vans Introspect: Jamie Lynn

20 December 2013, 12.55 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

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For their next episode of Introspect, Vans profiles living legend Jamie Lynn. A man that has influenced so much of modern snowboarding yet who’s humility has kept him almost in the underground, he’s a rare example of lifetime authenticity. Enjoy.

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Vans Introspect: Zac Marben

13 December 2013, 12.50 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

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Vans debuts their rad new snowboarding video series today with an episode dedicated to Zac Marben. A cool cat across all categories, its dope to hear him drop some gems of advice that begin with the simple words “Have Fun.” Enjoy.

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dose | Jamie Lynn

07 November 2013, 10.53 | Posted in history, interviews, snowboarding | 2 comments »

Jamie Lynn is easily one of the top five most influential snowboarders of all time and a true living legend in every sense of the word. Check it out as he talks to Timbo about snowboard history, his nearly 20 years sponsored by Vans, and why the new crop of Vans shredders like Pat Moore, Darrell Mathes and Zac Marben are keeping him as stoked on snowboarding as he ever was. This sick edit by Eddie Grams also includes the Vans team skating NYC and Jamie Lynn and Zac Marben’s jam session at the House of Vans in Brooklyn. Hit Network A for more.

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Vans x DQM | Herringbone Twill Collection

04 November 2013, 11.20 | Posted in Sneakers, special editions | 5 comments »

05 DQM Vans Edit 756 540x360 Vans x DQM | Herringbone Twill Collection
DQM has just released the lookbook for their rad Holiday 2014 collabo collection with Vans. The simple beauty of the shoes speaks for itself but DQM’s description includes some fancy language that is actually pretty fun to read: “The DQM/Vans footwear collaboration takes design cues from the WWII HBT and gives them a twist. Using a unique enzyme process created specifically for this project, we wanted to make a subtle camo using the highs and lows that the enzyme process created. The reference for the colors are Jungle, Desert and Ocean. The eyelets have a saltwater patina finish and the shoes utilize a syped bottomplate, as a nod to Vans’ nautical past, and for the functionality of the tread on wet surfaces.” The Collection will only be available at DQM General in NYC and Boston and online. See the full lookbook shot in the Rockaways by Gerhard Stochl after the jump.

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Vans | Van Doren Eras

01 October 2013, 15.27 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | 1 comment »

vandoren era 01 750x500 540x360 Vans | Van Doren Eras
Two buttery new archival Era’s just dropped as part of the Van Doren Collection, one in washed out camo and another in native multi-stripe. Is therever anything bad you can say about a pair of Era’s? Get them now at DQM. A closer look at each after the jump.

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Vans x Vagabond

05 September 2013, 08.42 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 1 comment »

While all the shit you see on the news would lead you to believe that life in China is pretty much the opposite of life everywhere else, this rad teaser for Vans’ new collabo with Chinese skate brand Vagabond show that if you are living the skate life, you’re living the good life. Check out the shoes after the jump.

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Vans x Ice T

04 September 2013, 14.42 | Posted in collabs, Music, Sneakers | 1 comment »

20130902 icetscover2e 540x359 Vans x Ice T
Although he seems to be pretty irrelevant to the youth, between Law & Order and his wife’s fat ass, Ice T has maintained an admirably long career. Suprisingly, his new two pack collab with Vans is pretty tight, especially the Chukka Deacon “S.” Check out more of the Chukka and the Sk8-Hi “S” after the jump. Get them now at Atlas.

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Vans | Ballistic Authentic

07 August 2013, 13.12 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | 1 comment »

ballistic authentic 01 750x500 540x360 Vans | Ballistic Authentic
Another super sick release from Vans are these all black Ballisstic Authentics made from ballistic nylon. These are on some Navy SEAL shit. Pick them up at the General New York. More looks after the jump.

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Van Doren Invitational in Photos

06 August 2013, 16.37 | Posted in Events, photography, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

2013 0823 Van Doren Invitational in Photos
Radcollector photog Jake Breinholt was on hand at the Van Doren Invitational skate event at the US Open of Surfing and took a beautiful collection of images from the sun soaked contest. Check out a sampling after the jump.

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DQM x Vans General Boston Now Open

29 July 2013, 13.52 | Posted in retail, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 453 comments »

thegeneral boston 01 750x500 540x360 DQM x Vans General Boston Now Open
We reported it a little while back but its now official – DQM and Vans have opened The General Boston. Sitting on prime real estate on Beantown’s Newbury Street, the General Boston has a similar classic and comfortable vibe to their NYC counterpart but looks like a little more room to breathe in. If you’ve gone to the General NYC this summer, you know that place gets packed!. Check out some more images after the jump and hit them up at 174 Newburty Street next times you’re in Bawston.

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