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Blair Alley

Hopps, Son

14 April 2010, 04.13 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 comments »

Big ups on this new Hopps commercial, Jahmal Williams, and any DIY skate company for that matter.

The video was shot by Marcus Manoogian. Check his work here.

Video link

Picture 3

Via the always stellar skate blog Boil The Ocean.

  1. snacks:

    great commercial, but it was actually done by Marcus Manoogian – http://mrmanoog.com/labor/hopps/

  2. brianjones:

    Hahahaha…get you facts straight, Blair! Also, The best part is the hot chick in the red mini bending over to pet the dog. It should have froze on her for a second because you know we would all rubber neck it and not just go by like that.

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