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Blair Alley

Fly Society’s First Class Fridays

14 December 2010, 21.30 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Friday December 3 saw the inaugural First Class Fridays hosted by Terry Kennedy and Fly Society. This one kicked off the official launch of Fly Society clothing. My man Nino Scalia invited me up and I got to check out their new offices in Hollywood and chill on the roof for this party with a spectacular view of Tinseltown. I shot a few photos on my trusty T-4. They’ll be popping these parties off every other Friday. Get there if you can.


William Scalia, Jimmy Gorecki, Astrid Gallegos, and Mario Mangini.


William and Nino Scalia.


My carpool: Figgy and JT Rhoades.


Figgy caught in my Blairry Richardson phase.


TK always smiling.


Quy Do, Jimmy Gorecki, and a homie whose name I didn’t catch.


Janae! Haven’t seen you in a while.


My man, former roommate, and fellow Radcollector, Cullen Poythress.

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