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Blair Alley

Element Skate Camp Super 8

23 June 2011, 21.49 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Some playing around I did with a Super 8 camera at Element’s Skate Camp at Lake Sequoia. I highly recommend it!


STI Fusion Media Day

15 June 2011, 19.58 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Big ups to Pierre, Don, Ashton, Fred, Jet, and everyone at Sole Tech on the Media Day yesterday. STI Fusion is gonna change the game.


We all got invited up to Sole Tech HQ yesterday for a big media day to check out the new STI Fusion technology. Don Brown welcomed us all with pastries and mimosas, then there was a race (on skateboards) over to the STI lab. The winner got a 100-dollar bill from Ashton Maxfield! Once inside the lab, we got to peep all the different testing machines and software they have. From seeing how long shoelaces last, to dropping weights on insoles, to measuring the grippiness of outsoles, they got it all. Then we went into the top secret STI Fusion room where photos weren’t allowed. We got to see them actually fuse an upper onto an outsole, which only takes about thirteen minutes. The result is a lighter shoe with less materials that requires less man hours to produce. Read more here.