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Why We Shred – Jeremy Jones

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Jeremy Jones is a huge inspiration to me. I say this because it is refreshing to see his approach to Snowboarding. Beyond the resort and groomed trails and terrain parks are thousands of square miles of the world’s playground known as the backcountry. To some of us it’s the journey into the unknown; a place of solace; an empty canvas that allows endless creativity for those seeking lines that have never been descended upon. The amount of preperation, avalanche forcasting, weather watching and set backs can turn a lot of people away from the backcountry. For most of us, the method of transportation has either been snowcat, heli or snowmobile. For Jones, the past few years has been a journey that has been mostly done on foot and hiking lines which bring two elements into play. One is a whole new way to experience Snowboarding and the other is an environmental stand point reducing a carbon footprint from the use of sleds and Helicopters. In 2007 jones formed Protect Our Winters, a non profit that brings awareness of global warming to the winter sports community. His past two films “Deeper” and “Further” backs up the concept that is possible to find lines and enjoy the back country without leaving a huge carbon foot print.

Name: Jeremy Jones

Age: 37

Home town: Truckee, California

Stance: Goofy

Boards: Jones 161 flagship

What was your first experience Snowboarding? First experience was Massachusetts and then went on to Vermont riding at Stowe and started competing out there and did really well, and was able to go west and compete professionally.

What your introduction to the sport? Just growing up skateboarding and surfing, I also had an affection for the mountains and was skiing as a little kid going “when can I ride these mountains sideways?” And soon as I saw my first snowboard I jumped on it and never looked back.

Most memorable day? It’s tough to say. I think you reach this point of 5 star days that are just as good as it gets and I’m lucky if I get one or two of those a year. But so far I have been able to do that.

Any challenges you face Snowboarding? I go into the mountain and I have some objectives I’m looking at, but really never having a set agenda and go feel it out. It’s very common at any phase of the day and turn around if something’s not feeling right.

Any places you would like to hit up? What’s cool is that when I got into split boarding and hiking stuff away from resorts five years ago, its opened up my home range the Sierra that’s this huge 450 mile range and its like I’m riding new stuff everyday. It’s a really exciting feeling to do that in your backyard.

Have you ever introduced anyone to the snowboarding? Yeah for sure! I think also with these films first and foremost goal is that I inspire people to get out there, because I feel like it just really gives you. Great perspective on the world and makes you a happier person and go back to your hometown and spread the love.

Anything about the sport or business that you would change? I think the sports better off when there is rider owned companies. Or just companies really run by snowboarders and not necessarily pro snowboarders. The sports big enough now where there are mega corporations that really have their hands in the sport. It’s understandable and they also do positive things but its defiantly been cool the last four or five years to see more authentic brands emerge and be successful.

Anyone in the game you respect and admire? I get inspiration from so many guys but off the top of my head. Travis Rice, Nicolas muller and the guys driving it with ” Further” Ryan bell, Lucas denarius, Alex yurt. Also there is a crop of kids coming up just pure snowboarders.

I Shred because? I shred because it makes me happy

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