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Brian Deka Paupaw

::OPSVIDA:: PART 3 – Akira Presidente

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Welcome back to part three of my special series here on Radcollector covering Brazilian Hip Hop. Last time I was kicking it in Sao Paulo with Parteum, and now this time I had the opportunity to go to Rio De Janeiro for the first time and link up with a dope local emcee by the name of Akira Presidente and kick in the neighborhood of Flamengo few miles near the famous Copacabana beach. We grabbed a couple beers and chilled with a few of his homies, then I was invited the next day to a BBQ in Vidigal Favela hosted by the Laquishas in Rio! On the real, I had a blast. Beautiful Laquisha sisters in the kitchen hooking up the food and burning down while the sun set! the view from the favela was beautiful over looking the world famous Ipanema beach. So Akira and I got to kick it even more and build on the Hip Hop scene in Rio, a different scene from Sao Paulo geographically and musically.

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Peace brother! Tell everyone who you and where you are from.

Akira Presidente! from Rio De Janerio

How did you get involved with Hip Hop. Was your influence from the Hip Hop movement in America or Brazil?

I was just a kid like everyone else. There was a record store on my block and I bought a record named like Hip Hop collection with A Tribe , De La Soul , LL Cool J and a few other rappers. Then “boom” welcome to the hip hop lifestyle. It was an strange situation, back in the days, here in Rio de Janeiro we don’t have a strong scene, so theres like me and my brother listening to Hip Hop all day and wearing large jeans and giant shirts and everybody looking at us! No one understood what we were doing. They probably thought that we are crazy! My influences are Big, Jay Z, Nas, Big L, Wu tang, J Dilla, A Tribe called Quest, Snoop, Planet Hemp, D2, and Racionais Mc’s.

What’s on your current music playlist now? who are you listening to? Who inspires you?

Man, Everything inspires me! when I’m good to my self I can make anything. So I think that happiness inspires me! Current music list, The Roots, Kendrik Lamar, Asap, Action Bronson, Currensy, 2Chainz , Smoke Dza, Drake ,daBush Babees ,mixing new and old songs.
I’m listening to my new album a lot …finishing so thats basically what I listen 24/7! Haha!

Do you think there is a difference in Hip Hop created in Sao Paulo and Rio? For example in America we have many different sounds in different parts of the country. Like New York has a sound and the rappers in Atlanta have a different way of talk and music production sound. I’m curious about that because I notice different way of speaking from Sao Paulo to Rio De Janerio.

Yes, man when you have big countries like US and Brazil , you’ll probably have an rich and distinguished cultures, weather and geography makes a lot of difference in you’re lifestyle. For an example we’re more relaxed then our Fellas from Sao Paulo and that you feel in our flow you know?! we have different histories, poor and rich people are more mixed, Samba and Funk are strong influences too, and that builds our flow and beats.


Are you involved with any other emcees or Hip Hop collectives in Brazil?

Yeah, I have my partners, each one of us has their own project, but we work together. Marcelo D2, GXlden, Start rap, Apolo (SP) Just a few examples.

I must say your verse on the “Fella” track with Marcelo was FIRE! the video was crazy. what was it like making that song then going to make the video?

“Fella” I think that Marcelo created a monster! Everyone envolved on that track bought it to the next level. We are all friends you know? so its easy to make a good thing. it’s wildness when the beat starts you listen to the crowd say “wooow”. It’s about 3 minutes of chaos! And I have to say Gandja Monteiro (director) and crew made a hell of job.

What’s your next move in your Hip Hop career?

Finishing my next album “Ziriguidumbarulhodoido” I wanna drop it in May.

Where do you see the future of Hip Hop scene in Brazil and especially in Rio?

We’re getting professional. Thats the biggest step to me. We represent a lot of young kids; so we’re the future… but at the same time we talking about money, everybody is getting paid. So we don’t have to be afraid of any one. We came from nothing. Now we have to be smart.

Anyone you want to shout out?

Shout out to my man Brian Deka Paupaw! thanks a lot! to talk to me about my music and Brazilian Hip Hop, and to my family, friends and to all the good people around the world!


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