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Brian Deka Paupaw

Why We Shred: Damien Hobgood

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Welcome back to another edition of “Why We shred” where I interview Professional shredders and everyday people. This one is really special because recently I took a trip to Haiti to start filming a new Docu-Series called the Global Empowerment Project to help a organization that teaches local kids in the south of Haiti in the city Jacmel how to swim and surf called Surf Haiti.org During my visit I ran into Pro surfer and Surf rider member Damien Hobgood during a water purification demonstration for Waves 4 Water. It was an amazing trip because of the New York surf community coming together for a surfboard drive to help Surf Haiti.org; which led us to bring down a ton of surf boards for the kids! It was a humbling experience presenting the boards and then having a beach clean up with everyone including Damien Hobgood. Afterwards we sat down and talked about surfing and sharing the passion with the global community.

(Left to Right: Dr. Robert Gore MD, Damien Hobgood, Mano, Deka)

Damien Hobgood

Age 34

Home town – Satellite beach, Florida but now resides in Encinas, California

Stance – Goofy

What boards do you have in quiver?
I’ve got all types of boards from all kinds of shapers. I know people have specific boards from one shaper, but for me it’s always been so many different shapers out there and I like to try them all.

how long have you been surfing?
I’ve been surfing since I was 6 years old. My parents always would go to the beach. Small house, big family. Only way my parents could deal with us was taking us to the beach! My dad would surf, and my mom would read a book.

What was your first experience like surfing?
I don’t have one photographic memory, but I just always remembered being at the beach surfing with my family and my brother C.J. and just trying to compete with him.

What was your introduction to the the sport? Was it your brother that got you going?
It was my dad, My dad surfed he loved to surf. When we’d go to the beach I used to watch him out there “like wow I want to go out there and be with him!” I started out standing up on my boogie board, and my dad finally got me a surf board.

Do you have any memorable days surfing?
There’s a lot of things that stand out to me. there’s usually just memorable sessions, just you and a few friends, and kind of gambled on a trip, you didn’t really know how it was gonna be, and just went for it. Then everything came together. last year I was in Indonesia during one of the contest, and I didn’t do that good so my friends where on this island; not exactly sure where it was but I just jumped on a ferry and tried to meet them and it ended up all just coming to together finding them and we surfed a spot by ourselves and it was really good. yeah that was definitely a memorable trip!

Any challenges you face surfing?
There’s always challenges you know. Like how to get to your destination, then when you get there, paddling out to the right spot and how not to get splattered on the reef. so there’s challenges but that what makes it so fun trying to figure it all out.

Any places you like to hit up? or places you thought about hitting up?
I always love Tahiti and Indonesia all the spots out there. of course it’s spots I haven’t been to that I want to go to. I definitely been pretty blessed to go to places that I have been to so far. I definitely look forward to going to more.

Have you ever introduced anyone to surfing?
Sure! The most rewarding moment for me was introducing my kids to surfing

clean up

What do you think about seeing the kids at surf haiti.org here in Jacmel?
It’s like the same way for both of us how surfing and snowboarding gave you hope. It’s what we live for. So it’s really cool to come down here with a surfboard and give someone that hope and then in return you see what that does, now all of a sudden their playing in the ocean, and respect the ocean and keeping the beach clean. and you can share it with friends instead of hanging out and getting into stuff that’s not as good. It’s always been a cool thing with what surfing has provided me, I’m always stoked when we can provide that to someone else.

Anyone in the game that you respect and admire?
I respect and admire a lot of people. someone that comes to mind is seeing Kolohe and Dino get the confidence and seeing the results starting to come. And realistically people look at the results if you’re doing good, but for me it’s been more about enjoying seeing the growth of the people in life and in their sport, which is my gage of success for them.

I shred because
I shred because I get to hang out with really cool people!

Check out the upcoming documentary on Damien and C.J.!

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