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Beagle On Southern Rap

02 January 2013, 21.29 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Being born and raised in Atlanta, I have a special appreciation for Southern Rap music. As a relatively underground and esoteric style outside the traps and clubs of the south, it’s rare that you come across people who have a true appreciation for the genre. Beagle, of all people, is one dude who really knows it and has refined tastes and informed opinions on some of the best rappers in the South ever to do it. I ended up producing this video of Beagle last month for his enjoyment of Southern Rap just as much as mine.

YouTube Preview Image

Dr. Scholl’s Is Out, Dr. Makens Is In

08 November 2012, 06.44 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I’m a big fan of watching my friends branch out into new categories with quality and innovative products. My buddy Ryan Kingman has done a great job with Stance and after a few years of knowing John Makens I’m proud to be blogging about his brand, Remind Insoles. John has a real passion for his product and has assembled a very strong team who are backing it full force. I gave a few of these a try and I have to admit that they’re pretty comfortable and certainly offer a noticeable difference in both support and shock absorption both on and off the board. Aside from taking a sports science approach to their design, he’s contracted some amazing artists including legends like Jim Phillips to do graphics for his sockliners. Do your feet a favor and give them a shot sometime. You’ll be glad you did.


Possessed To Skate

22 September 2012, 05.32 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Possessed To Skate | David Gonzalez

Last night I headed down to Long Beach for a little backyard Beer-becue and ramp jam at David Gonzalez’ house. The occasion? The evening of the premiere of his new solo video, Possessed To Skate. Burnout has a pretty legit recap of the evening over on the Thrasher site. He’s obviously a way better blogger than me. I stick to Instagram these days. It helps me be lazy (evidenced by my only photo above). Anyhow, see the video. It’s 5 minutes of all terrain annihilation that’ll leave you begging for more. David Gonzalez is a true grit hellion on a skateboard—or as Geoff Rowley put it last night, “The salt of the earth.” Taking bets on this year’s SOTY? My chips are David.


29 July 2012, 21.55 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Corey Duffel and his manufacturing partner Jamie Mathis recently launched an accessories brand called Black Limited or BLK LTD. The line represents an all Made-In-The-USA approach to mens metal jewelry and apparel items including rings, belt buckles, wallets, hats and shirts. All jewelry items feature a fine attention to detail, are die-cast out of polished steel and feature subtle BLK LTD branding. Below are a few looks from the BLK LTD debut including a few signature items from Corey, The Nuge and a collaboration Skate Goat ring with Thrasher.

Don "The Nuge" Nguyen signature belt buckle

Corey Duffel signature belt buckle

Corey Duffel signature belt buckle

Skull ring, 100% Skateboarder ring and Skate Goat ring.

Skull ring, 100% Skateboarder ring and Skate Goat ring.

BLK LTD Black Leather Wallet

BLK LTD Black Leather Wallet

BLK LTD Snapbacks

BLK LTD Snapbacks

Broken Homme Debuts At Capsule New York

24 July 2012, 06.48 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Some of my good friends and former co-workers recently launched an impressive line of mens boots under the brand name, Broken Homme. Leaning into themes of domestic made product quality coupled with hardworking, blue collar American traditions, Broken Homme represents a high end, all-leather line of modern looking mens boots with a slightly modified and stylish twist on traditional workwear and casual leather silhouettes. The brand will be making its Spring 13 collection debut at Capsule New York this week and will also be selling at Launch Los Angeles and Capsule Las Vegas this season. Broken Homme products will be available at select retail stores world wide starting this Fall. In the meantime, you can follow Broken Homme on Tumbler. Check out some of the Spring 13 goods below.

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 9.29.53 PM

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 9.30.42 PM

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 9.30.22 PMScreen Shot 2012-07-23 at 9.30.11 PMScreen Shot 2012-07-23 at 9.30.56 PM

Nike SB | 6th & Mill Grand Opening Party

22 July 2012, 20.59 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Nike SB hosted the grand opening of its 6th & Mill space (S&M) in downtown Los Angeles this weekend. In true Nike SB fashion, no expense was sparred in making sure guests were treated to a beautifully curated space complete with plenty of complimentary cocktails and good people. After a few words from P-Rod explaining the 6th & Mill training facility/showroom/event space, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike hit the stage for a special private performance. Below are a few flicks from the night.

Theotis and friends

Theotis and friends

Jayden James and Van Styles

Jayden James and Van Styles

Lance, Scuba and Ryan Flynn.

Lance, Scuba and Ryan Flynn.

photo (27)

P-Rod says a few words about the space before introducing Killer Mike.

P-Rod says a few words about the space before introducing Killer Mike.

Rodrigo Peterson and Tyrone from LRG.

Rodrigo Peterson and Tyrone from LRG.

Levis x Nike SB Video Featuring Omar Salazar

12 July 2012, 23.07 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I was lucky enough to get the jump on the recent collaboration project between Levis and Nike SB and was able to produce this video a few days before the product was launched for my friends over at Highsnobiety. Omar Salazar was nice enough to meet up and give the inside perspective on both the product and the amazingly well done commercial segment he was featured in as a part of the project. Check it out.


YOUTH Photo Show

25 May 2012, 20.44 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

My buddies Sagan Lockhart, Natalia Mantini and Josh Terris are having their first photo show at Suede Studios in Los Angeles on Friday, June 1st. They are all super sick photographers and capture all types of crazy stuff with their cameras— everything from wild teenage antics, hot chicks in minimal clothing, popular celebrities, Fairfax rappers and other assorted Los Angeles randomness. This show is destined for greatness so mark your calendars. Oh and there’s free beer too….


Work In Skateboarding

04 May 2012, 02.18 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

My friend Sam Chami (wife of skateboard photographer Dave Chami) recently hit me up about a new project she’s created and is raising funds for called Work In Skateboarding. Being a lifelong and extremely grateful skateboard industry guy myself, I couldn’t help but spread the word about her idea. Sam’s new website, www.workinskateboarding.com, provides ambitious youngsters with all kinds of helpful resources to help chart their paths in the business. Don’t surrender to mainstream corporate america, kids. It’s not worth it.  You’ll wake up at 40—bitter, fat and hating your life. WORK IN SKATEBOARDING or do something equally as awesome and you won’t regret it.

Screen Shot 2012-05-03 at 5.08.56 PM

Heel Bruised

13 April 2012, 00.47 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I’ve known Richard Mulder for a number of years now, but have only recently started trading consistent emails and texts since the rise of his apparel brand, Heel Bruise. I came home from skating the other day and found a box on my doorstep. Inside was a very nice care package from Richard and crew. Here’s a few looks from my box, but go check the official Heel Bruise site for a full look at all their apparel items.

Heel Bruise 2

Heel Bruise1

Heel Bruise 3