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@DirtyDirtKid just dropped a new Full Length skate video called “Bum Wine” here if a section from the video now playing at Ride Channel. Buy the full DVD at http://dirtydirtkid.bigcartel.com


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This chaotic bike festival is one of Richmond Virginia’s greatest events. Plenty of beer drinking and insane bike games and stunts most people would never dream of. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

More photos can be seen HERE. Share and tag @dirtydirtkid

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Dennis Williford is premiering his new skate video”SMEGMA” at Hotel Chantelle on October 27th. Here is the Flyer and Trailer. BE THERE!

Unfortunately its 21+ let us know if you have an all ages spot as well.
Smegma Flyer NYC

Trent Hazelwood : Pro for 1031 Skates

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Long time friend Trent Hazelwood, just went pro for 1031 Skateboards. Filmed entirely by me (aside from 2 alternate angles) an edted by 1031’s right hand man Adam Kure. Watch this introduction part and share!

COALATREE : Puerto Rico

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Solid group of dudes, awesome team, awesome video of Coalatree team in Puerto Rico filmed and edited by Allen Danze. The skating is great, the images are great and it’s hands down the best coverage of Puerto Rico spots/skating I’ve seen. All captured on the Black Magic pocket camera, which may be the first legit use of this camera in skateboarding. Good Shit.
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Coalatree Organics: Puerto Rico from Coalatree Organics on Vimeo.

Go Skateboarding Day : NYC : 2014

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 photo 1GSDthumb.jpg
My personal recap of Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2014 via Homage Brooklyn

Go Skateboarding Day Promo

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Dan Mandell over at Bad Idea Skateboards came up with this great video of some scooter destruction for Go Skateboarding Day, starring yours truly. Peep and Share.


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Homage Brooklyn welcomes Luis Tolentino to the fam with this new video he and I have been working on the past couple weeks. I’m very excited about the way it came out.

Trent & Dennis’ Big Adventure

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On January 1st 2014, Trent Hazelwood and I headed South-West to escape the winter in Virginia with only a months notice, in a van that has often been described as “Very Rapey”.
 photo 1van.jpg
Admire the Fan Art below.
 photo 1FanArt.jpg
1031 Skateboards, and Regulator Distribution blessed us with a ton of gear (more than pictured here) as well as $400 to support the cause, which in the tank we drove would only get us so far.
 photo 1BEGIN.jpg

The first stop was Charlotte North Carolina to visit our good buddy Andrew Bumgarner.

 photo 2CLT8.jpg
 photo 2CLT7.jpg
 photo 2CLT6.jpg photo 2CLT3.jpg

Andrew and his girlfriend Kyra were extremely hospitable and managed to show us a really good time in the couple days that we stayed. We were introduced to a place called Common Market which seemed to be the hipster go-to convenience store spot for coffee, fresh pressed juice, vegan food and even a seating area where you can buy and drink draft beer. Very different, I definitely recommend stopping by one of the two locations if you’re ever in Charlotte.

 photo 2CLT5.jpg
 photo 2CLTSC.jpg

As far as skating was concerned we managed to get a couple clips between Charlotte and Columbia SC but the weather wasn’t any better than in Virginia so after about 3 days we kept it moving on to Atlanta. I searched craigslist to see if anybody was looking for a ride to Atlanta the same day and actually found somebody. I told him to give me twenty five dollars for gas then he texts me the directions to his place, it was creepily close to where we were at. He then texts the street name that we were currently on! I thought this guy was creeping on us some how, it was the craziest thing. Turns out the he lived 4 houses down from Andrew’s place that we were staying, it couldn’t have been any easier.

Trent and I stayed with one of his friends by the name of Beena. Beena was equally as welcoming as the last hosts, she made us vegan tacos and took us to a surprisingly fun truck stop bar where we enjoyed some trashy karaoke. Our friend also makes interesting jewelry out of teeth and bones and things of that nature.

Check out her store and buy it up.

 photo 31ATL33.jpg

When in Atlanta make sure to check out Graveyard Tavern and handle this gnarly sandwich “The Grave Digger” which Trent somehow demolished. (The Black Bean Quinoa Burger was also great, as well as their other vegan options) Don’t forget to order the Zombie Sauce!
Atlanta ended up being the coldest & windiest place yet. The kind of weather where we couldn’t ride across the skate park without being blinded by tears so we only stayed in ATL for  2 nights. To this point it was still freezing everywhere until we got to New Orleans and even there it was unusually chilly. We stayed with a couple buddies from Humidity skate shop but didn’t do much in the one night that we were in town for fear that we would drink away our gas money which could have very easily happened. No Bourbon street, no seafood, nothing wild. We just checked out a few skate spots with little success.

 photo 32NOLA.jpg


^We did, however, learn about wedgie fetishes via Instagram… Thanks Carlos an Jimmy!

 photo 3NOLA3.jpg

Trent loves to gamble, even at this gas station he was hitting the slots

 photo 3NOLA44.jpg

but sometimes he wins…

 photo 3NOLA6.jpg

Between us we ate a disturbing amount of Waffle House on this trip and I’m OK with that.

We stopped in Houston for the night and slept in the van, which was actually really nice and cozy considering we packed for a blizzard.


When we woke up and couldn’t get in touch with anybody that was suppose to show us around we left for Austin, Texas. Along Highway 10 West we came to a complete stop after it had just finished raining really badly only to see body laid out on the right side and a motorcycle pinched against the barrier by an SUV. It was a pretty disturbing sight. Not long after that my van stopped accelerating the way it should. Eventually I had to put my foot to the floor just to make it up a hill and then I heard a grinding noise followed by what seemed to be something falling out of the engine which caused us to stop abruptly… in the middle of nowhere Texas. Fortunately we were able to cal a tow truck that pulled us into a little town you may have heard of in a ZZ Top song called “La Grange”. The man who help us literally said, “If there was such thing as fucked upest, it’s fucked upest. Your oil looks like chocolate milk.”

 photo 51TXVAN1.jpg

Maybe we shouldn’t have taped over the “check engine” light, but who can say…

 photo 52TXVAN2.jpg

Our only way out of this (or at least keep the trip going) was an old used Ford Mercury at the junkyard so we junk the van and decide we’re going to put our money together and buy the car. The problem with this is that it’s 5pm on a Friday and this town doesn’t even have a DMV and the only way to get the car on the road is threw the courthouse which closes at 5. We had to sit in one of the tiniest towns I’ve ever been to for the whole weekend. There was a bar across the street from our hotel which wasn’t anything nice, but it was all we had. The place was just a door on the side of a Mexican seafood restaurant with only one customer inside other than ourselves. Trent ended up playing pool with this man for hours and once we finally reached our limit our new buddy gave us a ride up the street, beer in hand, to grab a pizza then dropped us back at our room. Our next day consisted of walking up their one main road from one side of town all the way to the other end and stopping in to yet another Mexican sea food restaurant (now I’m thinking about how incredibly far we are from the sea).

 photo 541TX.jpg

A Margarita at 2pm led to drinking out front of our room with a few horny old steel workers. One of the guys kept talking about prostitutes, “A whores a whore & I love ‘em. If I was born wealthy I’d buy a whore house, I ain’t shittin’ ya!” They also kept calling us preppy, uppity northerners, calling us rich kids and saying we were “young pups,” but all of this just teasing. We didn’t mind listening to these insane old backwoods fools, hell I actually love it!

 photo 54TXREDNECKS1.jpg

 photo 55TXLAGRANGFEAST2.jpg

Hangin out with these lonely old dudes actually paid off. The next day the drunkest of the men knocked on the door and said, “I brought you some groceries” handing us a huge bag of Mexican food. He then told us that if we’re gonna be around these parts “y’all need to hablo” which was his way of saying we need to understand Spanish.

The next morning we walked to the mechanic, purchased the white car and headed to Austin. The only thing we knew to o when we arrived was contact the local skate shop which ended up having an enormous skate park right behind it.


I happened to have two of my buddies, Matt and Bogdan, in town that were also crossing the country but on bikes under the title “The Gnarmads”. They linked us up with the place they were staying which was about 45 minutes outside of Austin, but it was a huge suburban skate house with about 5 couches and the guys there were all really awesome. We tried to go skating and filming all day but we had to be back at a certain time because our host apparently had a night out to the strip club planned for us. Neither Matt, Bogdan, Trent or I had ever been to a strip club and this place looked like something out of a high budget music video, it was insane. The last thing I remember was swinging around the poles on the main stage with our host.


pflugerville tx skatepark photo 6TXAUSTINPflugervilleSkatePark.jpg

Pflugerville Skate Park outside of Austin is probably the best, or at least my favorite, park I’ve been to. Over all Austin Texas was so amazing and had the most DIY concrete street spots I’ve ever seen but filming on this trip had not been as productive as we had hoped so we took off at 3am for a 15 hour drive to Tempe, AZ

 photo 71AZROAD2.jpg

and this happened.^

 photo 72AZWELCOME.jpg

We stayed with Shaun Gregoire in Tempe and slept in the back yard most nights eating oranges straight from the tree every morning, it was paradise. Once we were in AZ I stopped writing in the journal and just enjoyed how much nicer the weather was. We had finally arrived at our destination and spent about 2 weeks in Arizona. I guess we blew it on keeping up with photos while we were there, its a shame cause it was the most fun we had the whole time but I jut had to put down the phone and enjoy myself. We also spent way more time than we’d like at the Tempe Skate Park but we were fortunate enough to get to skate with Shaun, Andrew Canon, and Chris Haslam most every day.
 photo 72AZ.jpg
 photo 7AZORANGES.jpg
Josh Metzger and I snatching oranges and lemons from an over-hanging tree.
 photo 7AZWork.jpg
Once when money got tight Trent found us a gig on craigslist hand-writing addresses on junk mail.

Although we had made it to our destination we decided to take it further and visit some old friends in Los Angeles and visit Kristian Svitak in Oceanside California to give him a personal thanks for the support.
 photo 811AZ-CA.jpg

^Bathroom stall somewhere between AZ and Los Angeles.
 photo 71AZROAD.jpg
After a 5 hour drive the first thing we see when we get to where we were heading is this rail on the side of the street. Trent gets out of the car and starts trying to think of something worth doing on this spot. He ollied over the rail down the gap, but was trying to think of a way to hit the rail which wasn’t happening so he ollied over to ride down this rugged wall just before the sun set, ending a footage dryspell.
 photo 812CAWALLRIDE.jpg
 photo 82CA52.jpg
We met up with the long time homie Xavier Willie and wormed our way into our first West Coast gated skate spot.
 photo 83CA2.jpg
 photo 8CA7.jpg
So being that we were in Los Angeles a friend of ours gave us a huge bag of weed (and I mean a huge bag, with a bunch of individual bags in it, not necessarily a lot of actual weed just the craziest packaging that you would ever store anything.. much less drugs).  Well Trent and I don’t smoke, so we paid a visit to even more old pals and gave them a nice little treat.
 photo 8CAstreetart.jpg
^Skate markings on a California bench.
 photo 91CAROAD.jpg
Leaving LA we stopped in San Diego to meet up with some friends for a skate video premiere. Trent’s birthday was the next day but we were low on money and low on ideas. We ended up staying in the shittiest motel we’ve ever been to. Upon midnight we went to the closest bar near by and when we mentioned to the bar tender where we were staying he said, “Oh god you’re not in the crack motel are you?”… I guess we were. The TV was black and white and static with an antenna (which i didn’t think even still existed) the bathroom window had steel bars, and the from window was covered by a blanket, was open about 6 inches and being held closed by a shitty piece of wood.
 photo 92CAHBDTRENT3.jpg
You can see the opening here which I never paid any mind to during the night but when we left in the morning the cleaning lady was upset that we locked the door behind us, so we watch another employee slide the window right open and crawl inside to unlock the door. The stick wasn’t even keeping it closed! I was feeling pretty bad about Trent’s crappy birthday.
kristian & trent photo kristian_trent.gif
Good thing Kristian and his wife were so nice as to surprise Trent with a cake, and have the hot tub ready for us after our long trip. The next couple days were really laid back, relaxing in a hammock in the California sun while everybody back home was probably more miserable than I imagine.
 photo 94CASD.jpg
 photo 95CASD1031.jpg
Chad Knight, Trent, Kristian
 photo zENDCA.jpg
On the last day we got out with Kristian, Chad Knight, and Adam Kure to a school yard where I snapped this photo of Trent smith grind on a bank to rail that was barely a bank at all.

So nearly broke, with just enough money between the 2 of us to put in the gas tank, we drove straight home to Richmond Virginia stopping only to sleep and of course pay a visit to our good friends FU CRUE in Nashville, Tennessee.
 photo 10NASHVILLE3.jpg
Thanks Joe and Ethan for the place to crash.

…and in conclusion.
 photo zEND.jpg

Photos: DirtyDirtKid
Additional Cell Phone Shots: Trent Hazelwood

Nolan Lee : POW!!

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This part came out a couple months ago, but I had to revisit, and damn this guy stays shutting spots down since long before we ever even met. POW!! to NOLAN LEE and POW!! SKATEBOARDS.