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Portland, Oregon new DIY spot – Choppy Omega

28 December 2010, 01.16 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

portland DIY

Choppy Omega, Natural Koncept OG legend, sent me this update on  a new DIY mini Burnside in Portland.

Apparently they got the green light from the city and this gem will be finished by summer.

Choppy Omega – Classic Natural Koncept Ad – Thrasher, Slap, Big Brother

14 December 2010, 01.45 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

choppy can cafe july 98

This one has been in the NK archives since 98′.  When I first saw this ad in Thrasher, Slap & Big Brother I laughed out loud!  Full page ad of Chop lighting one up at the Cannibus Cafe in Holland!  Take a look at the NK logo hangin’ from the ceiling.  Choppy is still crushin’ it – living in Portland – skating tough everyday!

Trevor Uriona – Nollie Nose – Natural Koncept !!

09 December 2010, 23.15 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

Trevor Uriona - Natty Kon Ad of the Month - nollie noseslide

Trevor has been on fire the past couple years.  Splitting his time between O-Side, LA, SF & Denver Trevor “Soup Kid” is straight slayin’ it.  Look out for a banger part in the new NK video “Polygamy” dropping in March 2011.

Pacific Drive – Neff – East Coast VS. West Coast Shop Contest

05 December 2010, 02.12 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

round_10When I left Wisconsin at the age of 18 I drove straight to Pacific Beach, CA.  It was the best decision of my life. Hangin’ with the Pacific Drive crew influenced my skateboarding so much.  Shout outs to Cuong, Blair Alley, Bill & Jim.  Seeing the Donger, Duffy, Sheffey, Danny Way & Dyrdek skating PB often hyped me up so much it was insane!  Check out PD’s entry in Transworld Skateboardings’ battle of the shops video contest. As expected it’s sick!  Scope it here and vote for PD.  Duh.

JZ – Turkey Day Frontside Ollie – My Apt

03 December 2010, 07.29 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

jz-frontside ollie off ext