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Mike Powley Interview

29 May 2013, 02.40 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

I first met Mike Powley at Eric Munday’s legendary shop Skate Lair in Enfield, CT.  The dude has super clean style and can be seen in the streets of NYC daily gettin’ it done! I caught up with Mike for a quick interview on what’s been going down in the big apple.

Mike Powley

Mike Powley photo: Zimmerman

who were your earliest influences in skateboarding?

my early influences when i started skating i guess came from a few different places, one being just random older kids i would see around skating and videos i used to watch like the EST videos, In Bloom, and old Transworld videos and stuff like that. Then I moved to East Windsor, CT from Vernon and found Skate Lair which was dope and you know how crazy it could get over there.

when did you make the move to NYC?

I ended moving to NYC right after I graduated high school in the summer of ‘06 and then i started going to college when school started back up again in fall. I ended up graduating and staying out here couch surfing for a lil but now im at a lil spot in queens not to far from the flushing globe.

any specific video project you working on right now? i see you on the streets skating all the time. i know you’ve got something exciting in the works.

Yea i mean im actually just trying to finish up this one part for my homie Evan Walsh’s video which i would prefer to be out no later than the end of spring, got some footage i feel might be getting a lil old but i got some new stuff too so it might be chill. I’m also just out skating everyday trying to work with a few filmers out here in NYC to get some stuff in projects they are working on as well, so imma just be out there tryna grind and see what i can make of it.

nollie front nose   photo: ryan zimmerman

nollie front nose photo: ryan zimmerman

canal street bar ollie      photo: ryan zimmerman

canal street bar ollie photo: ryan zimmerman

who have you been skating with mostly?

I’ve mostly been skating with a bunches of the homies hahaha i try to skate with everyone but mainly the homies Elijah Cole, Evan Walsh, Danny Supa, Tityb0i, Richard Quintero, Joseph Delgado and tons of other homies that are out at all the spots.

you been in cali during the winter months?

Yea I’ve been to Cali on a few separate occasions during the colder months. I didn’t end up going this past winter but the year before i was in LA for 2 months at the homie Buchman’s crib. And then i went to SF 3 times and LA one other time. Both places are amazing and I cant wait until i can go back and skate them especially when its dumb brick out and ur toes are about to fall off and shit.

alphabet city varial heel     photo: ryan zimmerman

alphabet city varial heel photo: ryan zimmerman

who’s been hooking you up? any shout outs?

Right now im fortunate enough to be getting hooked up by Shut Skateboards, UXA, DC Shoes, OJ Wheels, Quintin Co. I’d like to give a shout out to all the homies, my mom, my dad, Jeff Pang, Peter Huynh, Eli Gesner, Rodney Smith, Michael Cohen, Rob Paik, Cranny, and everyone else who has helped me a long the way

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