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Radcollector.com: Columns | Kelly Williams | 2011 | April

Kelly Williams

Enigmatic Airwalk

Anyone who set foot on a skateboard in the early nineties remembers this shoe, and its unforgettable color palette was alluded to in the form of a Chrome Ball Incident Nike SB Dunk a while back. As you probably already know, Airwalk has re-released the classic Enigma that inspired the aforementioned SB Dunk in commemoration of Airwalk’s 25th anniversary. For the most part, this replica is fairly accurate except for some colors and material selection (it appears that a more truthful colorway was released for Japan). I’ve been trying to get them to consider reissuing the beloved NTS in an identical reproduction. [Perhaps Someday] These shoes beg to be skated: a far cry from today’s slimmed down vulcanized slippers, they are ready for battle. Check this link for more.

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Game Changing

08 April 2011, 06.07 | Posted in Fashion & Footwear, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | 2 comments »

Underpronation, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, neuroma, hammer toe, ankle syndesmosis/spraining, and limb length discrepancy. While these words comprise the most boring sentence ever to be posted on RadCollector.com, they are common “foot” issues that many skaters experience. I’m well acquainted with the aforementioned list of podiatric ailments, so I’m no stranger to experimenting with various insoles, custom footbeds, and even medical orthotic insoles.  Here are some of the insoles I have used, the Footprint Insole is on the far left.

footprint-orthoWhen I started skating in eS shoes (or any Sole Technology shoes for that matter), I immediately noticed the high quality of the midsoles and insoles that they use compared to other footwear brands. Then Footprint Insoles came along, and I’ve been wearing them for a while and I must admit, they work pretty good. Check out my friend Theotis Beasley for a product test in action.


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