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Kelly Williams

WAAR Presents: A Repurposed Skate

18 May 2012, 19.07 | Posted in Art & Design, Culture, Fashion & Footwear, Products, Skateboarding, Video | Comments Off

Along with Dig A Pony owner Nicholas Musso, We Are Runts (WAAR) have been putting together a series of videos narrating the process of repurposing the “stuff” that reminds us of our youth; nostalgic items of naught.  The project manifesto states, “As we get older, our natural accumulation of “stuff” is inevitable.  Over time, an occasional claustrophobic freak out results in a cleansing that will thin the heap we’ve amassed, but regardless there always seems to be that stuff that never finds the bottom of a trashcan.  Depending on what you do or did, this stuff could be clothing, cards, photos, stickers, skateboards, records or CDs, etc.  One inevitable fate exists for them all…the dump, or someone else’s heap of stuff.  Very rarely do these things stay with us throughout our life, and we often reminisce on times when we had them, could fit in them, or even when we had a purpose for them.  It’s a shame to look back and wonder how much life and use was actually left in this “stuff”, or what a fresh eye could [have] made of them… The idea was to take them, regardless of condition, and define a new purpose for them, pool skewers and cruiser shapes… Enjoy.”


New Magenta Skateboards Video Capsule

13 April 2012, 19.44 | Posted in Products, Skateboarding, Uncategorized, Video | Comments Off

Une capsule c’est un petit montage comme ça en passant. Celle-ci a été filmée à Paris principalement fin 2011/début 2012.

The Magenters just sent me their latest video edit featuring a quick jaunt to Paname (Paris). I love these videos. This one includes Soy Panday, Jimmy Lannon, Leo Valls, Vivien Feil along with locals and visiting friends.

Filmed by Yoan Taillander, Jean Feil
Still photography: Jean Feil
Additional filming : Steve Brandi, Sylvain Robineau, Vivien Feil

WAAR/We Are Runts First Look

15 March 2012, 22.43 | Posted in Art & Design, Culture, Fashion & Footwear, Products, Project News, Uncategorized | Comments Off


No longer a part of the Comune camp, Michael Quinones is now involved with a pretty exciting new label called We Are Runts. I’ll let them do the explaining:

We Are Runts [or WAAR] is a creative lifestyle brand built with a product assortment of repurposed vintage military surplus and or short run/deadstock fabrics.  Each piece has been updated, reconstructed and adapted with a modern silhouette while keeping the color palette and utilitarian details of military garb, in addition to being manufactured domestically.  Essentially, it is a collection and identity of kids that grew up, but never stopped loving their youth and what has shaped their lives now as adults (well, sort of adults).
Conceived on the decision to rely on each other, not work for others, the idea of RUNTS and the history of the name really began a while back for us.  We’d constantly refer to each other and our larger group of close friends as ‘RUNTS’ in the industry.  We were always the little guys in the office as far as ownership, and were constantly looking out for each other.  That is the same mentality that we’ve tried to bring here; a group of friends working together and looking out for each other.”

For more information, stay updated at WeAreRunts.com

De Marchi Time Capsule: Wool & Pima Cotton Cycling Jersey Collection

27 February 2012, 23.27 | Posted in Culture, Cycling, Fashion & Footwear, Products, Uncategorized | Comments Off


demarchi-archives-collectionThe gents at De Marchi have recently re-released a series of traditional wool cycling jerseys inspired by historical designs located in the De Marchi archives. Shown above: Wilier Triestina Wool Polo Jersey and the Pima Cotton Pullover with rear water bottle pockets. Click here for more.

The Husqvarna Concept Baja

10 February 2012, 04.00 | Posted in Culture, Products, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Husqvarna_Baja_ConceptIf there was ever a motorcycle of the dirt persuasion that was suitable for Radcollector, it would be this one.  Husky unveiled the Concept Baja a few weeks ago during the Progressive International Motorcycle Show held in New York. The primary color scheme brings back some great childhood memories of riding old Husqvarna’s and Honda XR’s held together with wire and duct tape.  Interestingly enough, this year is also the 40th Anniversary of the seminal motorbike film, On Any Sunday, the dusty equivalent of Endless Summer for rednecks such as myself.

Venture Goes Far & Wide, The 5.8’s Are In

10 December 2011, 22.09 | Posted in Culture, Products, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

venture-58-widesYou may recall that a while back I extolled Venture Trucks for their incredible history of supporting some of the most talented & iconic team riders in skateboarding. You can read the feature here.

Since that article and as a result of the dissolution of Street Corner Distribution, Venture has been brought into the fold at Deluxe, which is actually just a homecoming of sorts. After this partnership, Venture has made some rad changes- most notably [to me anyway] is the reintroduction of the 5.8 Wide Trucks. Because I ride a board in the 8.25-8.5 range, I have been bugging the folks at Venture periodically about the chances of them once again creating a wider truck- the same truck that guys like John Cardiel, Mike Carroll, and Gonz preferred in former times.

For anyone who shares my same sentiment, the true 5.8 Venture Wides are back. The stock bushings are pretty good, but I replaced them with a set of white Bones Medium bushings for slight awesomerness. Instead of believing me, I suggest you see them in action: in this video edit, Josh Matthews proves that they can grind, tre flip, and turn just like we remembered.

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Stay On, Keep Up: The Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

14 October 2011, 01.23 | Posted in Culture, Products, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | 1 comment »


The very first skateboard that I ever stepped on was a mid-century Freeformer (color: blue) that my dad must have picked up at a thrift shop. I remember that it was really small, had a twin shape, and the wheels were distended with rusty, crownless bearings that caused the balls to constantly fall out when I practiced my own interpretation of abstract freestyle maneuvers on the small cement pad in my gravel driveway.
A few decades later, I opened a box postmarked from Stereo Skateboards containing this piece of better-functioning nostalgia and was shocked to discover that they even provided a free pair of sunglasses for improved leisure. I’ve been skating on the Vinyl Cruiser all week and it’s amazing. I don’t know how Clint Peterson rips so hard in the commercial for it, but that’s his job. Flexy, fast, and more fun than changing a poopy diaper, these Vinyl Cruisers are tops! And y’all better stay tuned because next week Ima give away an Armourdillo Belt & Wallet fo FREE!

Broadcast Bergschrund 5 Panel Camp Hat

14 January 2011, 19.47 | Posted in Art & Design, Fashion & Footwear, Products, Project News, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off


This handsome cranium cap is the five panel Bergschrund Camp Hat by Broadcast. Lightweight ripstop canvas lid with adjustable strap and tonal logo embroidery. Available at El Mercado in Los Angeles.