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Kelly Williams

Update From Rob Kingwill

25 April 2013, 01.32 | Posted in Photography, Snowboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Rob Kingwill is the troof. For those of you who follow Kinger’s Instagram- you already know that he has been steady ruling this summer. A couple of trips to AK, Summer Camp, and even a viral video commercial for the new Mercedes-Benz C350 4Matic Coupe. I’ve said this before: when I started Compatriot Snowboard Company nearly 10 years ago, I never imagined the boards would somehow end up in 2 different car commercials. None of that would be possible without RK and KJ.


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Kevin Jones In Triplicate

23 February 2011, 21.21 | Posted in Photography, Snowboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

For the past several weeks there have been rumors of Kevin Jones stomping smooth triples in the backcountry. KJ sent me an image to confirm it, and now it looks like the cat is out of the bag with the latest advert from Bluebird Wax. Count ‘em kids. If there are three of them in a row, flips can be tricks.

Snowboard Mag: The Kevin Jones Interview

29 December 2010, 04.14 | Posted in Interviews, Snowboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

The Snowboard Mag recently interviewed Compatriot pro Kevin Jones: “Though the evidence of rockstardom against him is overwhelming — nine X Games medals, Transworld’s “Rider of the Year” three times, and an all-time catalog of video parts with Standard Films — his legacy is much more dynamic than [merely] a list of accolades.” Click here for the full story. Yeah KJ! the Happy Meals are on you next time.


Kevin Jones Ford Explorer Commercial

08 December 2010, 23.37 | Posted in Culture, Snowboarding, Uncategorized | 1 comment »

When I first launched Compatriot back in 2002, I never (ever) imagined that the product would eventually end up in a Ford commercial. But even more rad than having Compatriot be in a Ford commercial is having Compatriot be under the feet of my friend and shred hero, Kevin Jones.

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Going Up Down Under

30 November 2010, 17.29 | Posted in Snowboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Compatriot homey Matt Galina doing it proper down under in the land of Australiastraberger. Sequence by Matt Hull photography. Enjoy.


Kevin Jones Self Portrait: Teton Pass

30 November 2010, 17.19 | Posted in Culture, Snowboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

KJ shot this rad photo of himself getting puked on at my old stomping grounds of the Teton Pass. This was back in October. Thanks for rubbing it in, man.