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Kelly Williams

Unseen Richard Mulder & Ray Barbee Footage (1994-1995)

31 May 2011, 22.10 | Posted in Culture, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Take a look into the videographic vaults of Switchard Mulder with this never before seen footage from 94/95. There are even some well-placed cameos from Ray Barbee and Marcus Stroud. For the full deal, pick up a copy of the Bruisers Promo DVD at HeelBruise.com

Heel Bruise “Bruisers” Teaser

18 March 2011, 22.27 | Posted in Art & Design, Culture, Project News, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Bruisers is the latest visual treat from Richard Mulder and Camp Heel Bruise. Featuring Victor Mendoza and former Broadcast Correspondent Billy Davenport, this mini motion picture is just a sneak peek of good things to come. Support the Bruisers.

Heel Bruise Spring Delivery

Heel Bruise just released one of my favorite new apparel collections, and our good friend Richard Mulder has a great vision for the brand. Below are some images from the Spring 2011 look-book, These Days. Photographs by Robbie Jeffers.