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Kelly Williams

Mediocre Magic From The Shallow Bag Of Tricks

20 December 2010, 22.33 | Posted in Photography, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

kelly-williams-lunch-breakI’m 100% sure that I have not progressed in my skating prowess for nearly a decade, despite the fact that I love skateboarding now more than ever. Skate sessions are few and far between, but on the occasion when I can remove myself from the workstation and spend some time rolling around, it’s guaranteed that some mediocre magic will go down. In other words, I don’t let the fact that I suck at skating keep me from doing it.

My bag of tricks is pretty shallow these days (and I like it that way), so I can always reach in and find something hazardous to do on my lunch break. Good thing that Jose Garcia Diaz is a skilled photographer and can make my skating look sweeter than bread pudding with chocolate milk.