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Kelly Williams

Trajectory Part II

23 September 2011, 16.32 | Posted in Culture, Interviews, Project News, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

broadcast-berrics-trajectory-pt2Part 2/2 of the video document on Broadcast was just posted on The Berrics the other day. You can catch up with the first segment here. Thanks to Brock Mitchell and everyone at The Berrics for making this happen!

Eric Dressen

29 December 2010, 04.28 | Posted in Art & Design, Culture, Photography, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

eric-dressen_by_kelly-d-williams_WEBOccasionally I will have the opportunity to photograph someone that I consider a true icon. Not just a legend, but an individual whose presence has been etched so deep into the stone tablets of skate culture that they will unquestionably become a permanent fixture to the timeline of skateboarding. Eric Dressen is damned good.

Mediocre Magic From The Shallow Bag Of Tricks

20 December 2010, 22.33 | Posted in Photography, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

kelly-williams-lunch-breakI’m 100% sure that I have not progressed in my skating prowess for nearly a decade, despite the fact that I love skateboarding now more than ever. Skate sessions are few and far between, but on the occasion when I can remove myself from the workstation and spend some time rolling around, it’s guaranteed that some mediocre magic will go down. In other words, I don’t let the fact that I suck at skating keep me from doing it.

My bag of tricks is pretty shallow these days (and I like it that way), so I can always reach in and find something hazardous to do on my lunch break. Good thing that Jose Garcia Diaz is a skilled photographer and can make my skating look sweeter than bread pudding with chocolate milk.