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Laura Austin

Blotto Photto

02 March 2010, 06.00 | Posted in Photography | No comments »

Back in 2008 my friend Blotto asked me to shoot this photo of him for an interview with European based Snowboard Magazine, Onboard. I’m not going to lie, being asked to shoot a photo of a photographer as established and someone I look up to as much as Blotto was a bit intimidating. I’m pretty sure that leading up to shooting this I was worried something would go terribly wrong… Did I double check my battery was charged? What if I left my memory card at home? But things went smooth, rolled up to Burlington airport (BTV), set up, shot a few photos, and that was that. Anyway, I bring it up now because he used it again for an interview he just did with PetaPixel. Make sure you check the interview out here. And if you aren’t already following Blotto’s blog, you should. He keeps it updated constantly with high quality/interesting content.

The photo as it was used in the spread in Onboard Magazine

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