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Laura Austin

Rip Curl Lomo Fisheye 2

22 September 2010, 06.26 | Posted in Photography | 2 comments »


A little while back the friendly people at Rip Curl sent me their Lomography Fisheye camera to try out. The thing is pretty interesting with it’s 170-degree view of the world. So I took it around with me everywhere I went for a while and if the opportunity presented itself I would snap a photo. It was nice shooting film again, it’s been a while, and it is so much more rewarding when you have to go through a whole process just to produce the photo. You also learn to appreciate the imperfections of film when we now live in a digital world where photos come out perfect (in a sense) and we have to do post work to make it look imperfect. Anyway, here are some shots from my first roll I shot with the thing… with the Lomography Color Negative 400 35mm film. Now I know what my life would look like if I lived in a fish bowl.

If you wanna try one of for yourself you can buy them off of the Lomography site. More of my photos from the camera after the jump.

Rip Curl Lomo Fisheye

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