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Laura Austin

Lending A Helping Hand: Vermont Liberty Tea

18 February 2012, 01.01 | Posted in Product | 1 comment »

vermont liberty header

So my mom called me from Vermont almost in tears letting me know that her friend John, who runs a local tea shop “Vermont Liberty Tea“, is going through some tough times. During Hurricane Irene that hit the east coast pretty hard, his tea shop, where he blends his own teas himself, was flooded with about 2 feet of standing water. As you can imagine water and loose tea aren’t a good mix if you didn’t intend them to. This natural disaster forced him to move his shop out of the building and put him out of commission during his normal busy season over the holidays. Now that he finally has his shop up and running again, but it is back in the slow season for the area, and as you can imagine is making things a little tough on him.


His shop in boxes after the storm.

I normally wouldn’t do a post about like this, but I myself have gone into his shop several times to buy tea. John has always been a very happy go lucky guy who is very passionate about his craft. It would be very sad to hear that this guy went out of business from something completely out of his control. And since I have access to different media outlets I figured I would reach out to all of you suggesting that you head over to his online store and purchase some tea. Not into some tea yourself? Pass the link on to a friend/family member that is…. or if you are feeling generous buy some for that person yourself and surprise them with it. This isn’t just an act of charity, you end up with some delicious tea in the end.

Thanks for listening to my spiel.


tea 2

Back East: First Turns at Killington

12 November 2010, 17.06 | Posted in Photography, Snowboarding | No comments »

Killington Laura Austin 01

I’ve spent the past week in Vermont, taking a little break from SoCal life to visit some friends and family. Definitely nice to be back on the East Coast for a bit. When I got out here a friend mentioned that Killington had just opened. I didn’t have any snowboard stuff on me except for a jacket… but I decided to make do with what I could round up so I could get my first turns of the season in. Check out the full post from the day on SNOWBOARDERmag.com

US Open 2010 Photos

24 March 2010, 20.18 | Posted in Contest, Photography, Snowboarding | 2 comments »


Last week I made my way back to Vermont for the 28th Burton US Open. Temperatures reaching the 60s, good friends, and great riding made for an incredible week. It wasn’t all fun and games for me though, I spent a majority of my time there hiking through the wet snow shooting photos… which I definitely can’t complain about. I picked out some of my favorite shots for this post, plus there are links to full galleries where my photos were posted after the jump.

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