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Michael Cohen

Skiers Hit Snowboarders More Often

02 January 2010, 00.29 | Posted in Snowboard | No comments »

I found this one on Boardistan.com last year. I have been telling people about this for the last 20 Years! Cant tell you how many arguments that I have endured with asshole skiers on this very topic. I will keep you posted if I find any more reports on this one.

Happy New Years and Wish all the Best to my fellow Columnists.
By The Editors December 23rd, 2009.
Snow injury specialist Jasper Shealy, professor emeritus of industrial and systems engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology says skiers run into snowboarders more often than the other way around according to a post on a New York Times blog.
“Most people think that snowboarders whack into skiers,” Mr. Shealy says. “But it’s completely the other way around,” a phenomenon related to how each group falls. “Snowboarders stop abruptly,” Shealy says, their boards biting into the snow. “Skiers slide,” he says, often into a downed snowboarder.
Yes. We can stop and even turn. . .

Read more: http://www.boardistan.com/?paged=3#ixzz0bOosUTJl

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