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Michael Cohen

“I have the koolest friends!”

02 February 2010, 23.27 | Posted in Photography, Surfing, art | No comments »

I caught this for the first time last night on the Sundance Channel. The best part was that my awesome surfer friend Jianca Lazarus is featured in the documentary. This is a must see for all New Yorkers, Thrill Seekers and Surfers!
“Making her directorial debut, filmmaker Carolina Cruz Santiago documents a community of surfers living in an unlikely island paradise: New York City. A fellow surfer and former native of Hawaii and California, Santiago wanted her film to show how a sport transcends place and allows its participants to connect to nature and each other.”- Sundance Channel. airing Sun. Feb. 7 at 7:10AM, Fri. Feb. 12 at 6:35PM and Mon. Feb. 15 at 9:05AM

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